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Lee and Crystal Talk American Idol, What's Next, and Who Should Replace Simon

Now that the star-studded season finale is behind us and Lee DeWyze is our new American Idol, what's next for the season nine contestants? Today Lee and runner-up Crystal Bowersox chatted with reporters about the whole Idol experience. Read on to see who Lee wants to work with and who Crystal would choose to take Simon's seat.

  • Lee on having a drink with Simon at the Idol afterparty: "I did see Simon, and we cheers-ed, and he said congratulations and he told me that he's proud of me and excited to be working with me, and I told him thank you for the opportunity, because you know, without American Idol, I wouldn't have had this platform to start a career on a major level."
  • Crystal on who should replace Simon: "Simon is such an epic figure in the show. 'Replace' is not a good word for me. Simon is irreplacable in the sense that he's Simon. He's such a figure. Whoever takes his position is gonna do a great job and bring something new to the show. I think it'll keep things interesting."
  • Crystal on losing to Lee: "I woke up on Wednesday morning with a strange feeling inside of me, and I knew Lee was gonna win. And I was fine with that because he's worked so hard and no matter the outcome of this, there's no winner or loser. We're both gonna have great, successful careers . . . I love Lee. Lee is super talented and I would buy his album in a heartbeat. Whatever happens happens for a reason, and I'm extremely proud of him and I'm happy for him."

To read more about the finalists' future plans and who they'd like to work with, just


  • Crystal on who she'd like to work with in the future: "There's so many people I'd love to work with. I definitely have love and respect for Melissa Etheridge. Alanis was great. Joe Cocker was one of the highlights of my life. I'm a big fan of Ray LaMontagne, I like Leslie Feist. There's a lot of music that I personally love and enjoy and the craziest thing is that it's all possible now, to work with these people."
  • Lee on his dream collaboration: "Sufjan Stevens. His lyrics are so good, and he so gets it. As far as writing, I'd love to write with him; he's amazing. But I'd be willing to work with anyone who wants to work with me, because, I mean truthfully, they've been there, done that, and I don't necessarily have the experience they do as far as putting out an album. I haven't put out an album on a major label yet, and now I get to do that."
  • Crystal on doing a movie "I would love to. Drama was my first love before music when I was young. I'm open to it."
  • Lee meeting the past contestants: "Adam Lambert was awesome on the show, because he's just a really genuine guy, and he's original, and I like him. He's got a good attitude about everything, and I think he's real, and he says it how it is, and I like that about him. But you know, I got to talk to David Cook a bit. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life . . . There's a line you cross once you get to this point with everybody, and I've joined them, in a sense. And seeing all the accomplishments they have, and for me, winning American Idol, it's amazing, but it's also a new beginning and showing what I have and what I can do, and I just look to them for inspiration."
  • Lee on what musical acts he'd like to emulate with his new album: "I just got the Kings of Leon new album, and I liked their original stuff, their first albums a lot — they were a little harder – but I really dig their newest album. I like that sound, that's a sound I go for a lot of the time. It's very gritty, but at the same time it has great hooks and great lyrics, and they break it down and get a little more chill, a little more heavy. But I'm always looking for new music."

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