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Dan and Blair as a Couple Gain Fans on Gossip Girl

Buzz Blabber: Dan and Blair Gain Fans on Gossip Girl

From all-new episodes of TV to the Grammys, you guys really had a lot to say this week. I've picked out some of my favorite comments from the posts that got you talking and am sharing them here. Check them out!

Team Dair earns some new members:

  • "Dare I say, I love Blair and Dan together! And I'm a big Chuck and Blair fan too! I'm torn." — meli_A
  • "I remember when Chuck and Blair started their thing, Chuck said he would never be that kinda of boyfriend that goes to the movies. And I think that's what she needs now, something slow, easy and cute." — cibele
  • "Team DAIR all the way. Who ever said that watching a movie about a woman that's pregnant with the Antichrist couldn't be cute, hadn't met DAIR. The scene was super cute. And amen to the fact that the show is moving in on this very slowly." — supertramp

To find out what else you guys were chirping about this week, just


Readers weigh in on their favorite Grammy performances:

  • "Mumford & Sons. True musical talent — not just gimmick. I could have lived without Bob Dylan's gargling and anything Bieber-related." — MotoLinz
  • "Mumford & Sons. I agree with MotoLinz that Mumford & Sons was pure talent and no gimmicks. My favorite part was that they were excited and happy to be at the Grammys and were enjoying their performance and having fun." — Rosay77
  • "Obviously Mick Jagger. He knows how to rock out! He put all the other performances to shame! " — gd101

This week's episode of Glee inspires mixed feelings:

  • "I thought this episode was kinda funny, mainly because of how awkward some of the things in the episode are. Even though Santana can be really mean when it comes to people, she's always has some truth in what she says. The look on some of the glee members when Lauren was singing and dancing was funny because it made them feel SO awkward and uncomfortable." — peatree
  • "Am I wrong for wanting Santana to be happy?" — care0531
  • "I thought Lauren's solo was pretty awful. I know it's not the most melodious song in the first place, and it was probably a good fit for her, but if that's all her voice has to offer, they will have to keep her in the background. Rachel and Mercedes were great. The competition for Quinn bores me. She cheated on both Finn and Sam and sold them stupid stories to cover up her behavior and they both still want her just because she's hot." — kimmieb124

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