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Dark Shadows Trailer Review

Buzz Blabber: The Dark Shadows Trailer Makes Waves

This week, the entertainment stories that got you guys talking had to do with the trailer for Johnny Depp's campy new movie and the return of a beloved TV show. You had some great, funny reactions that you expressed in the comments, so take a look at our favorite ones below.

The jury's still out on Johnny Depp and the Dark Shadows trailer

  • "This lover of vampires is loving Depp as one!" — ojoba
  • "OK, so this is going to reveal my age, but I loved Dark Shadows. I watched it daily with my sweet grandmother who liked the show as much as I did. And I love Johnny Depp, too. But he is no Barnabas Collins, sorry. Mr. Collins was old, stocky, and scary. Johnny Depp is just too lovely-looking to frighten me. I will see it, of course, and will probably love it, but Dark Shadows will forever be the campy 1960s vampires who continue to haunt my imagination. — jamie ferrari
  • "Obviously, I can't wait to see this. Vampires + '70s music? I am in." — Lizzie Fuhr

See what else got you all riled up after the jump.

The Vampire Diaries' return was a bit underwhelming

  • "So happy Vampire Diaries is back, but last night's episode was definitely lacking. I was very disappointed that we didn't get to see Klaus. Sage's character was fairly worthless. I don't like Dr. Fell and wish she'd just go away. However, I love how Damon is trying to help Stefan. Love seeing more of Alaric, although I'm not exactly happy about him being a murderer. I started rewatching the first season again, and it's getting me through these season three breaks and slow episodes. First season was my favorite season for sure!" — likethedirection
  • "OK, it's official . . . No Klaus, no interest in TVD for me . . . I don't really think Alaric's the killer . . . It still doesn't make sense to me how he could be killing people. And this episode was disappointing for me, 'cause it's the first episode after the month-long hiatus, and there was no excitement, and I repeat, no Klaus. Anyway, I hope next week's better . . . " — Crys-lautnrfan
  • "Agreed that it was lacking overall. The flashbacks were boring . . . But the admission from Elena and the twist at the end made up for the lacking parts." — Krista S.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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