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Mr. Show's David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, Together Again

And now, for some news that should warm the heart of any Mr. Show fan in the universe: David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are teaming up again, this time for an HBO comedy that's going to begin shooting this spring. They confirmed on their vaguely NSFW Web site that the pilot has officially been picked up and they'll soon be working together to "make funny TV happen." Oh, yes.

Cross has said the show, tentatively titled David's Situation, is a sitcom that pokes fun at sitcoms, with him starring as a fed-up, washed-up actor who's left Hollywood for the glamorous world of in-flight magazines. He's living in a gated community somewhere with two crazy roommates, one of whom is a cranky conservative and the other of whom is a left-leaning liberal. Of course, knowing Cross, this could all be a lie, and he's actually starring in a show about a farm in outer space. Who really knows?

My favorite thing Cross has mentioned is their plain for the commercial breaks. HBO, of course, doesn't have advertising, so he and Odenkirk plan to write their own faux commercials to play during the show where normal networks would have ad breaks. Advertising parodies were always one of my favorite parts of Mr. Show, so I'm glad they'll be churning out more twisted fake propaganda soon. To check out one of my favorites from Mr. Show, the segment pitching Coupon: The Movie, just



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intr0vert intr0vert 9 years
I went to the pilot taping and unfortunately ladies, the show looks like a stinker of an attempt at post-modern sitcom skewing. You can read the full review at
designergirl designergirl 9 years
David Cross is so awesome. This is great!
JennaV JennaV 9 years
These 2 on HBO again??? I can't wait! Plus, I have a massive crush on David Cross.
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