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Daybreakers Vampire Horror Movie Starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Defoe Opens This Friday January 8, 2010

Watch, Pass, or Rent: Daybreakers

In this era of vampire pop culture, it's rare to see the supernatural creatures portrayed as horrifying as they were once meant to be — monsters that want to tear into your flesh and drink your blood.

Daybreakers, opening this Friday, bites right into that and goes one step further: vampires have overridden the 2019-set society, and humans — and their sustaining blood — are in high demand and being hunted. Add a corporation that supports the farming of healthy humans and you've got a terrifying yet timely satire.

I'm a bit too freaked out by the premise and trailers to get myself into a dark theater for this, but the movie does have quality casting (Willem Defoe, Ethan Hawke, and Sam Neill) and positive early reviews going for it. Will you be checking out Daybreakers this weekend?

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