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"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Episode 14, "I Remember That"

In this week's "Desperate Housewives," Mike remembers a bunch of important stuff from his past (hence the episode title) and everyone else ... continues with their own lives. Mike has started seeing a hypnotherapist in his attempts to remember whether or not he murdered Monique. In his memories (wow, hypnotherapy works really quickly! Why didn't he try this like, seven episodes ago?), he discovers that he went to Monique's house to fix her pipes and she drunkenly came on to him. She showed him her hand where she wrote down the number for Mike's plumbing service, so that explains that piece of evidence. Mike got to work under her sink (I wish that were a clever double entendre, but it's not) and realized he needed another part, then left the house. When he returned someone else was there ... but who? Mike wakes up without learning who he came upon, but is relieved to know (according to his dodgy memory, that is) that he isn't a murderer.

For the dirt on everyone else,

Gaby and Zach are now BFF, shopping in Macy's and everything. Gaby flirts with a handsome, if not slightly dense man, and he turns out to be a lawyer who works for Zach. The lawyer goes over to Gaby's house for dinner and, she notes, "dessert, and by dessert I mean sex." However, Zach sends over another lawyer from his team, insisting that Gaby's date sign some papers. In the stack is a note from Zach instructing the man to leave quickly or else he's fired. Zach then calls him and tells him to tell Gaby he only dates women in their twenties. That gets him kicked out right away, and Zach goes over to Gaby's when she's drunk. She falls asleep on him, and he creepily touches her hair.

Over in the Scavo household, Lynette and Tom are having power wars. Edie tells Tom that if he hires her nephew Austin, she will include the pizzeria's menu in the welcome packet she gives out to new residents. Austin is kind of a pothead, though, so Lynette fires him. Tom is furious that she made that move without consulting him, and re-hires Austin, arguing that he's "hot" and will bring in tons of business. Then he explains to Lynette that at home, she's the boss, but at the restaurant, she needs to check her balls at the door (his words, not mine). She agrees to let him reprimand her in front of all the other employees to show them who's in charge.

Susan attends Jane's funeral services, but tries to keep a low profile so nobody will think less of Ian for already having a new girlfriend. When she overhears two women talking about what fine "meat" Ian is, though, Susan informs the ladies that she and Ian are seeing each other. One of the women makes a speech in which she reveals that Ian has a new girlfriend and points to Susan. Susan goes to the embalming room (because there is probably nowhere else to hang out), where Ian tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They both decide not to get engaged amidst the corpses, and Ian says he will reopen the issue at a later time. Susan accepts Ian's proposal to propose.

In the wake of Orson being drugged and raped, he comes clean with Bree regarding Monique. Andrew overhears the tail ending of their conversation, only knowing that Orson confessed to something bad. Orson then pays a visit to Alma and his mother, Gloria, telling them they don't have anything over him anymore, and that if Alma is pregnant it doesn't actually matter to him.

Alma considers going to the police first, so Gloria locks her in the attic to keep her from doing so. Gloria then lures Bree up a tall ladder, where she has hung the same black bag that held Monique's teeth and leaves one of the ladder rungs sawed through halfway, so Bree falls to the ground. At the hospital, a suspicious Andrew tells Orson not to mess with his mom or else Orson will have to answer to "Bad Andrew." Then he tells a member of the hospital staff to not let Orson anywhere near Bree.

Finally, in Mike's hypnosis work, he has a memory of who was at the house when he went back to Monique's - and it was Orson. Furthermore, Orson used Mike's wrench, so that explains how one of Mike's tools has Monique's blood on it.

This is all well and good, but I'm more intrigued to see next week's episode when someone dies! Until next week, tell me: What did you think of this week's "Desperate Housewives"?

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