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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 14, "Opening Doors"

This week's episode of Desperate Housewives had some funny things (Edie, referring to Orson: "It would be like having sex with PBS.") and some sad, ominous things (that quiet exchange between Katherine and Wayne, yikes) but best of all, we have Bad Kayla back in action. It's exciting to have another creepy, maniacal child on TV. Maybe her behavior is due to all the trauma she's been through — including just having a loony mom — but I bet it doesn't help things to grow up on Wisteria Lane, which is kinda chock-full of conniving women. She's like a little "desperate housewife" in training.

Kalya's storyline stood out the most to me this week, but there are other things to discuss as well, so


Susan — OK, so there are other things to discuss, but Susan's storyline isn't one of them! Seeing her ex-husband at lamaze class with his young, pregnant wife was mostly just boring. Karl brags about his wonderful, perfect life, Susan feels inferior, finally they talk it out together and Karl says some nice things to placate the ever-neurotic Susan. End of story.

Bree — My favorite scenes are fast becoming those between Bree and Katherine. I hope we get more of those, and moreover, I hope we get to see the two of them teaming up to do crazy things together. Anyway, Bree kicks Orson out, though she also tells him he could get back in her good graces if he would just turn himself into the cops, which he won't do. So, Orson gets drunk one night, and randomly ends up at Edie's house. As soon as Edie sees that this upsets Bree, she decides to try and seduce Orson (despite his PBS-quality sexuality). They get as far as kissing — which, of course, Bree happens to spot through Edie's window — before Orson puts a stop to things.

Gaby — Another week, another inappropriate comment from Gaby, who approaches her gay neighbors to help her find out if her new boarder, Ellie (Justine Bateman) is operating as a prostitute out of Gaby and Carlos' home. She asks the men to help with the role-playing because she assumes all gay men are good actors. To be honest, I was kinda hoping Ellie would turn out to be a prostitute, as a sort of homage to her character on Arrested Development, but instead she's just a regular ol' drug dealer. (However, I gotta wonder at her excuse. . .tattoos? Really? Wouldn't Gaby have heard or seen something if Ellie were putting tattoos on people in her house?)

Lynette — Now for my favorite storyline, though it's also the one that makes me the most uncomfortable. Kayla is one psycho little kid. She manipulates the boys (which, let's admit it, isn't that hard) into doing dangerous and illegal things, but when Lynette tries to take her to a therapist, Kayla threatens to go to the cops and tell them that her half-brothers were responsible for the arson at Rick's restaurant. I'm curious to find out how far her evildoing will go before it's gone too far. I have to say, too, that Tom is more aggravating than ever. Saying to Lynette that the boys are "your kids" while Kayla is "my kid," and then refusing to get her help because, apparently, "there's nothing wrong with my kid." Defensive much?

Katherine — I've decided on another person I'd recast in a heartbeat if I could, and it's Lyndsy Fonseca as Katherine's daughter Dylan. She's just the flattest, emptiest person on this show and it seems like she detracts from her scenes more often than she adds to them. Anyway, Dylan is secretly meeting up with her dad, Wayne and eventually she comes clean with Katherine about it. Katherine agrees to let Wayne inside the house, and then she calmly and quietly brings up his abuse and tries to anger him, seemingly trying to goad him into flying into a rage against her. As I watched her close the drawer that holds the gun, it occurred to me that maybe she wants him to come after her so she can kill him and call it self-defense.

Thoughts on this week's DH? There's just one more episode before the two-hour season finale. Will you miss the ladies of Wisteria Lane over the summer?

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