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"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Episode 18, "Liaisons"

"Desperate Housewives" Recap: Episode 18, "Liaisons"

I guess the "theme" for this week's "Desperate Housewives" had something to do with loneliness, what with Mrs. McCluskey talking to her dead husband and the narrator asserting that "the loneliest people are those who talk to people who aren't there." But mostly, it was a bunch of random story lines thrown haphazardly together. Not the worst of "DH," but certainly not the best.

I find it hard to care about Edie, probably because the writers have done their best to vilify her. It's funny/sad when she praises her son Trevor for properly pouring her beer — "I tipped the glass just like you told me!" Then Trevor asks Edie what it means to be "bad in bed," since he overheard Carlos describing Edie that way. Edie tells him that "bad in bed" means bad at making beds, which is sure to bring that kid trouble on the playground someday.

She challenges Carlos to a "re-match," which leads to a "passionate" grabfest resulting in physical injury, a visit to the hospital, and their decision that they shouldn't have sex. In the end, however, they coo over family-style photos of themselves and Trevor, which leads them to tender, loving sex, instead of the violent kind. More details and musings if you

In the Scavo household, Tom is bed-ridden with his bad back, and Lynette is running the restaurant. Mrs. McCluskey takes care of Tom's childish demands and all five of the kids. My favorite exchange of the evening:

Tom: "Surely you can handle five little kids."
Mrs. M.: "Can I beat 'em?"
Tom: "No."
Mrs. M.: "Well, then my hands are tied."

The hiring of a new employee is left up to Lynette, who is impressed by a smooth-talker, but Tom is disturbed by the man's cocaine-addicted past and demands Lynette find someone else. But when she has a bit of a breakdown and the former druggie helps her out, Lynette hires him. Meanwhile, Tom's horrid behavior drives Mrs. McCluskey to drop the kids off at the restaurant and quit. Later, Tom calls Mrs. McCluskey and apologizes. As Mrs. McCluskey is "telling" her dead husband about all this, she grabs something out of the freezer which also contains ... her dead husband. Gross.

Throughout the episode, any reference to Mike is like a swift kick to Ian's manhood. Ian is jealous and suspicious of Susan and Mike and suggests a move to London. While discussing this, Susan drives them into a lake. Mike serendipitously appears, rips off his t-shirt — but not his shoes, of course — dives in, and saves Ian. Susan decides they should move to London, but then figures out that Ian only suggested that so that she would be away from Mike. She tells him what's what (finally! I was starting to think that she was blind to the fact that Ian totally does not trust her) and storms over to Mike's house where Mike suddenly kisses her. Startled, she runs back home to a remorseful Ian, who promises to show more trust in her.

The Gaby-Victor story line is the juiciest, since I love me some Gaby relationship games. After she finally has sex with Victor (to the tune of "Good Love" in Victor's limo, no less), he fails to call the next day. To get back at him, she shows up at his debate with another man and canoodles in the front row while Victor almost blows the debate.

He apologizes for not calling, says he is in love with Gaby (what? so that's why he didn't call her after the limo thing?), and he doesn't want to have a relationship that's like a boxing match. I see what Victor is saying, though I think Gaby was playing fair when she got back at Victor by getting his attention in a way she knew would work. What do you think? Did Gaby go too far, or was she right in protecting herself like that?

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