Wow, what an episode! Things were getting a little out of whack on "Desperate Housewives," but this week several steps were taken to make things right, including one really bold (but sad) move at the end when we finally learn who will not be returning next season. We also see the long-awaited return of Bree, get a glimpse of Victor's true intentions with Gaby, meet Lynette's mom and watch Susan give Mike a huge surprise. Dare I say last night's season finale was reminiscent of "Desperate Housewives" Season One glory?

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The season finale kicks off with Bree showing up at Gaby and Victor's wedding very noticeably pregnant! Her friends (and we) are shocked, though no one seems to notice that she's being very vague about her due date. We discover later that Bree herself is not pregnant, but is pretending to be pregnant so that when her daughter Danielle's illegitimate baby is born in the fall, Bree can pass it off as her own. And poor Danielle is being held hostage by nuns. I must say it's really nice to have Bree and her craziness back in the mix.

Early in the episode we learn that Lynette has Hodgkin's Lymphoma, though she has yet to tell her friends on Wisteria Lane. Her estranged mother then shows up uninvited and plans to help take care of the kids while Lynette is undergoing chemotherapy. Lynette protests, but Tom insists they let her stay because she is also going to loan them the $10K they need for Lynette's treatment. Tom tells Lynette that letting her mother help is her penance for Rick (The Sexy Sous Chef).

What?! This is the one part I hated about the episode: Lynette's supposed to forget about 18-plus years of abusive parenting because she's had a crush for a couple weeks? That hardly seems fair. While I'm sure things are not easy for Tom, it's not like Lynette chose to have feelings for Rick, while her mother had a choice when she was treating her kids terribly as they grew up. And hello? Lynette has cancer. This doesn't seem like the time to harp on making her "do penance" for having developed feelings for another man. Am I alone in thinking this episode was extremely harsh on Lynette?

Anyway, Susan is happily planning the most overboard wedding ever and poor Mike is working 24 hours a day to ensure that Susan gets everything she wants for her big day. When Susan finds Mike asleep in the middle of Gaby's wedding reception she realizes that she can't put him through this any longer and quickly arranges a surprise wedding for that night! Susan and Julie trick Mike in to showing up for a private midnight ceremony under the stars. I am so happy to finally see these two end up together even if only because Susan's romantic trials and tribulations were becoming a bit tiresome.

Speaking of weddings, soon before her own big day, Gaby learns that Victor has aspirations to become governor! Gaby says she will not stand for it, and Victor shoots back that he always said he would never let a "stupid woman" stand in the way of his career. Gaby calls off the wedding and storms out. Early the next morning Victor convinces Gaby to change her mind, and the wedding happens as planned. Shortly after the ceremony, however, Gaby overhears Victor's father saying that with Gaby as his wife they are sure to win the Latino vote in his race for governor. Ah ha, finally Victor's true intentions are revealed!

Realizing she has just made a huge mistake, Gaby ducks into a quiet room only to find Carlos drowning his sorrows over his fight with Edie (more on that later) in champagne. Carlos is wondering how his life got so messed up when Gaby suddenly leans over and starts kissing him madly. Yay!

But then it all gets really sad. Carlos discovers that Edie is still on the pill and is not trying to have a baby with him after all. And if I may interject, how dare Carlos get all high and mighty about Edie's deception?! He messed with Gaby's pills and made her get pregnant against her wishes, like a horrible, sneaky snake. Anyway, Carlos tells her he wants nothing to do with her ever again. Convinced she is going to end up old and alone like her mother (who Edie apparently used to talk to during make-out sessions), it appears that Edie hangs herself at the end of the episode. This is incredibly sad, but I must say overall I thought this was one of the best season finales I've seen yet.

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