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"Desperate Housewives" Rundown Episode 1: "Now You Know"

"Desperate Housewives" Rundown Episode 1: "Now You Know"

The season premiere of Desperate Housewives" definitely delivered much of what we've come to expect and love about this show. All the usual suspects were present: melodrama, humor, cattiness and a touch of real human emotion. This week's episode also featured some new characters with shady secrets of their own. If you missed the episode and want to catch up, you can watch it on ABC's website. If you watched the episode and want to weigh in (spoilers ahead!),

Susan and Mike — Oh, Susan. Will you ever grow up and stop freaking out about everything? I think probably not. So Susan's new neighbor/OBGYN Adam (Nathan Fillion) informs her that she may be menopausal but then it turns out — surprise! — she's pregnant!

Bree and Orson — Still doing the fake pregnancy thing, though for Orson the whole charade is starting to wear him down. When he suggests faking a miscarriage, Bree reveals that she really wants a second chance to parent right. Sidenote: Just because Andrew is gay means he loves leather pants, apparently.

Gaby and Victor/Carlos — That whole Victor-Gaby marriage thing is not going to end well, I can feel it. Planning to run away with Carlos seemed a little silly to me, though I suppose it's in keeping with Gaby's impulsive nature.

Lynette and Tom — Poor Lynnette. Felicity Huffman always manages to breathe a bit of real humanity into this show and this week she yet again made me feel a little weepy. At least the others know she has cancer now, though, so hopefully she'll get some of the help she needs.

Edie and Carlos — So Edie's not dead. It was all a stunt to get some more attention from Carlos. Then, one night when he's off doing illicit things with Gaby, Edie discovers an off-shore account Carlos has been hiding from everyone. And Edie has some ammo once again.

Katherine, Adam and Dylan Mayfair — The new (but old) neighbors on Wisteria Lane! Katherine (Dana Delany) used to live on the street and was buddies with Susan. Adam (Nathan Fillion) is an OBGYN which of course provides an awkward situation for Susan. Dylan used to be best friends with Julie Meyers but can't seem to recall anything about her childhood. This family, like any that moves into Wisteria Lane, has a lot to hide.

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