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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 10, "A Vision's Just a Vision"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 10, "A Vision's Just a Vision"

The voiceover narration by Mary Alice for this week's episode of Desperate Housewives talks about the theme of people living in darkness, though I think there's another theme here, having to do with the women of Wisteria Lane protecting their families. Gaby protected Carlos from discovering how bad things had gotten for them financially, Lynette is beside herself with figuring out how to protect Porter, and Bree tries to protect Andrew from getting hurt by his partner. And Susan. . . OK the theme doesn't extend as much to her, but three out of four ain't bad.

To chat about this episode,


Susan — Now that Katherine and Mike are openly dating, they've decided to introduce MJ to Katherine and try to make them bond. This doesn't go so well, as MJ seems resistant to Katherine overall. Susan tries to help by tagging along with Katherine, Mike and MJ to the bowling alley, but when MJ spots Mike briefly holding Susan's hand, he drops a bowling ball on her foot (the later mention of Katherine's "psychadelic toenail" really skeeved me out!). He tells his parents that he doesn't want Katherine around because Susan and Mike are supposed to be together (did MJ have this issue with Jackson? I don't remember it if he did). Apparently, Susan told MJ once that Mike would come back, and when she says this to Mike, she asks him if he ever thinks about it. Mike leaves without answering her question.

Bree — Awww — Andrew's getting married! I seriously cannot wait to see Bree go into hyper overdrive with planning this wedding. It's like that's what she was born to do. And I think it shows some growth that Bree is so eager to prove how A-OK she is with her son being gay and marrying a man (well, especially since he's a doctor). What she is not OK with is the fact that Andrew's husband-to-be was in an adult film years ago. She thinks Andrew has a right to know and she worries that Alex hasn't been upfront with Andrew about his past. She ultimately finds out that Alex has told Andrew about the movie, and that Andrew accepts this because his past isn't exactly pristine either. Andrew is touched that his mother is trying so hard to be involved in his love life. I can't wait until Bree meets the future in-laws!

Gaby — Carlos has regained his sight for real, which is great! Except for the fact that Gaby has sold a baseball signed by Lou Gehrig that has been in Carlos's family for generations. She figured he would never find out because he was blind, but now, of course, he knows. Gaby tries to explain that she was just trying to make ends meet for the family, but Carlos wants her to get the baseball back anyway. This requires dancing on a table for a wealthy Italian man. By the time Gaby has gotten the baseball back, however, Carlos has realized that Gaby made many sacrifices herself while trying to keep the family afloat, and Carlos he up selling the baseball all over again in order to buy Gaby a pretty dress. Yet again, I must admit that the Gaby-Carlos storyline is actually really moving this week. They may have become my favorite duo.

Lynette — Wow, it's just one thing after another in the Scavo household these days. Porter sneaked into Edie's house to steal her gun (what?) and he thinks that because he was doing that while the club was being set on fire, he's proven innocent of setting the club on fire. Lynette reminds him that because nobody actually saw him during that time, he hasn't proven anything and has, in fact, merely confessed to another crime. Ha! Lynette ends up getting the gun back to Edie's house (in her top drawer? How does everyone know where Edie keeps her gun?!) and she and Tom are set to go to court with Porter. Unfortunately, Porter has decided to run away and he sends Preston to appear in court to pretend to be him. These Scavos are just sinking deeper and deeper into dangerous ground. And was anyone else a little uncomfortable by Tom whining that he would do anything to have sex with a 17-year-old?!

Dave — So, the big reveal that wasn't big at all because everyone saw it coming: Dave wants Mike to pay for having killed Lila and Paige Dash, presumably (from the remarkable head of hair on the kid) his wife and daughter. I actually felt a little sympathetic toward Dave in this episode. He's clearly haunted by these people he lost, and it's obviously agonizing.

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