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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 11, "Home Is the Place"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 11, "Home Is the Place"

It was nice to have some new TV to welcome in the new year so soon after the holidays, don't you think? I really enjoyed settling in for a night of new ABC shows and I definitely got a kick out of this week's episode of Desperate Housewives. While I like the storyline with the newfound friendship between Lee and Susan, I think my favorite part of the episode is seeing Bree get meet her control-freaky match in Alex's also redheaded mother Melina!

What did you think of this episode? To chat about it,


Susan — With Jackson out of town, Susan's bored and asks to go to a dance club with Lee after he's just had a spat with Bob. He agrees (and I definitely howled with laughter at Lee's advice to Susan to pile on the makeup because "drag queens get their first drink free") and they get totally drunk over the course of the night, ending with the two of them sharing a bed. Susan wakes up thinking she might have slept with Lee (especially after she sees the "smooth jazz" CD? What year is this?!) and when Bob comes by, worried that Lee slept with someone else, he sighs that Lee will "bang anything with a pulse and facial hair." Ha! Gaby's cackle at that line pretty much mimicked my own. In the end, Lee assures Susan that they did not sleep together and he advises her not to move away to be with Jackson. If Jackson leaves her, he promises to dance with Susan "until someone better comes along." I did not see that sweet moment coming! Aww. . .

Bree — Meeting the in-laws is so often a hilariously stressful situation and of course we knew it would be multiplied by a million with the Martha Stewart-y Bree. What's more, Alex's mother Melina is a blunt, demanding, manipulative woman who pushes Bree's politeness to the very edge. After fighting for holidays with the sons (Melina "calls Christmas" and then Thanksgiving, forcing Bree into bidding for Easter) and competitively trying to get the sons to live near them, Bree triumphs by buying Andrew and Alex a house right there in Fairview. Surely this isn't the last we'll see of Melina and I can't wait to find out if she gets some revenge for the house thing. Also, yet again, my favorite line goes to Orson when Bree says that his mother "had the good taste to have a paralyzing stroke." Orson responds fondly, "True. That was a merry Christmas."

Gaby — This new and improved Carlos is so inspiring! Ladybugs, spiders, all of nature is this re-discovered bounty of beauty. . . but Gaby wants Carlos to stop admiring and start bringing in the big bucks. On the street Gaby runs into an old colleague of Carlos's who offers Carlos a high-paying job. But rather than being miserable in a hectic, cutthroat job, Carlos wants to work with the blind. I can't say I agree with the way Gaby needles Carlos into accepting the position he knows will make him unhappy and cause him to spend less time with his family. It makes me sad for Carlos. I know Gaby had a rough five years, but with regaining his sight it's like Carlos has gotten a new outlook on things and Gaby just wants him to go back to his old outlook.

Lynette — The Scavos' lawyer finds out that they've been pretending that Preston is actually Porter and he gives them two days to find the real Porter so they can go to court. Neither of the twins wants Porter to return home because Mr. Schilling has threatened to kill him. Thus, Lynette decides that she'll do what she has to do to protect her children, even if that means running over Mr. Schilling with her car. Lynette scares me a little when she gets all serious and determined. Preston ultimately relents and gets Porter on the phone with Lynette, but before she can convince him to come home, her mother Stella snaps Porter's phone shut and tells him not to trust Lynette. I wonder if she then whipped up some of her special "brownies" for her grandson. . .

Dave/Edie — Dave's losing it. Without the proper meds, he's starting to lose control on the charade of a life he's built up with Edie, and Edie's catching on. She sees him talking to nobody at the kitchen table and when he finally admits to her that he was married before, Edie throws him out of the house. Mrs. McCluskey, returning from her investigative trip with her sister Roberta (Lily Tomlin again!), spots Dave leaving the house with his luggage.

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californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Susan and Lee's storyline was great. I was perplexed when they ended up in bed together, thank God nothing happened. I'm still confused as to why they were in their underwear though. One of the best lines of the night was when Bob said that Lee will screw anything that moves and has facial hair, then Gabby had that hilarious laugh. I hope we see Susan and Lee hang out more & I hope that Susan breaks up with Jackson, I don't like them as a couple. Lynette's storyline was boring this week, but I'm a bit curious as to what is going to happen to Porter and their family if he doesn't come home. I really hated Melina, she was very irritating and I could feel Bree's pain. Second best line of the night goes to Orson and his "that was a merry Christmas" line. Gabby was very selfish in forcing Carlos to take the job. I understand that it pays well, but I have a feeling that the job is going to be terrible for their family. Carlos should look for another decent job and then volunteer to work with the blind on weekends. I'm kinda over the Dave storyline.
crystalm07 crystalm07 8 years
I am guessing that Edie will receive Daves new prescription from the doctors office and start investigating possibly with Mrs McClusky. I do not like Lynette at all this season shes a bit overdramatic and crazy with things. Loved Susan and Lee!
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
Melina - isn't she also Dolores from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Or am I confusing her with someone else?
smileyface smileyface 8 years
This episode was great. I was cracking up the whole time. I'm actually starting to like Edie and I feel kind of bad for her since her husband is a psychopathic lier. I guess the 5 year time jump made her a nicer person. She still has killer one liners, but she is softening.
number6_ed number6_ed 8 years
I agree with carak: Gaby was so selfish this episode. It's one thing to want your husband to get a job to support the family and another thing to want him to get a job he will absolutely loathe and cause him to be away from his family so much. There should be a happy medium, and they both need to compromise. I also thought that Lynette was making up that story. They never did show Schilling come out of the bar. She's pretty manipulative like that so I wouldn't put it past her.
carak carak 8 years
i thought that Lynette was faking the "running over Mr. Schilling" story just to get Preston to convince Porter to come home. as for Gaby & Carlos: does he really need a high 6 figure salary for them to keep their life? what is Gaby doing? she could at least work part time & i'm sure Carlos could get a job that would be less demanding & still make more than enough money to support his family, just not Gaby's designer addiction that she seems to have not gotten over even though they were broke for 5 years. i'm upset that Mrs. McClusky left the office right before the receptionist comments on Wisteria Lane!!
Does anyone know who makes the black silky long robe Susan dons after her nite with Lee? This is the second time she's had it on and she rocks it. I want one! help!
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
I was dying from laughter when Gaby was laughing. I thought it was too funny. My mom and I have theories about Dave. My mom thinks he has anti-social personality disorder and I think he has schizophrenia. We'll see who wins this theory round. I won last season with Dylan and her past. Did anybody miss Katherine this episode like I did? I was waiting for her to appear.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I liked this episode a lot! I am so over the Lynette storyline and the way her character acts this year, GEESH! I think Carlos should get a good paying job but also volunteer with the blind on the weekends, why not? The girls need to go to school and a mortgage needs to be paid. He can do good things and change his behavior in any job so he is not miserable. I love Bree and Orson, LOVE them. I also loved how Susan and Lee became friends, I personally would LOVE Lee as my best friend :)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Melina and Bree were great in the battle of mother-in-laws; I hope we see more of Melina as well as more of Susan and Lee's developing friendship. They were fun to watch last night. Dave really is one creepy guy; hopefully, his story line will be wrapped up soon. There's enough happening on Wisteria Lane now that it's time for him to go.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
great episode!! I loved the susan and lee scenes too, I was REALLY glad they didnt sleep together though. I was dying laughing when Gabby was cracking up after the "he'll sleep with anything with facial hair" line. I think Susan's character is much more likeable in 'lighter' story lines like these. I felt bad for Carlos and hope they can find a way to compromise so that he can get some fulfillment out of his whole experience. I thought that Gaby's character had grown a lot too but...looks like not so much. My boyfriend was laughing a lot and seemed to enjoy this episode too so you KNOW it was a good one :-)
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
i loved melina! i was just thinking of her in don't tell mom the babysitter is dead the other day and then she was on the show last night!
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 8 years
I watched Susan and Lee and all I could think was dear God please don't let them degay him or whatever. Lynette and Bree were awesome and Orson's merry christmas line had me dying. Carlos was being selfish and Gabby has the best laugh ever.
spasiklaki spasiklaki 8 years
Finally Lee and Bob start taking part in the Wisteria Lane life... I really enjoyed the Susan-Lee scenes too but of course my personal favorite is still Bree. I just looove that woman :)
shafiii shafiii 8 years
I loved Susan & Lee this episode! Usually I find Susan kind of annoying, but with Lee she is so fun! I laughed a lot during this episode, and i loved it!
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