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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 14, "Mama Spent Money When She Had None"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 14, "Mama Spent Money When She Had None"

A reflection of the times, this week's episode of Desperate Housewives deals with the impact the economy is having (or isn't having, in some cases) on the housewives. At the same time, we're made well aware of how the show itself gets some of its money with the placement of the bright, bold Sprint bag in the beginning, and the group ogling of Bree's brand spanking new Lexus. Ha!

It's an interesting topic — how money changes things for the folks on Wisteria Lane and how, as Mary Alice's voiceover points out, most people "in the suburbs" don't like to talk about it. To chat about this episode, just


Susan — Aww, cute little MJ patting his mom's knee during their meeting with the fancy school guy! I love that little kid. Now Susan wants to get MJ into the school but when he's finally accepted, she can't come up with the money. Mike can't either, though Susan thinks otherwise when she sees Katherine (yay, finally more Katherine!) wearing a nice string of pearls that Mike gave her. Susan confronts Mike about the pearls, forcing him to admit that they're fake — he really doesn't have the money. So, she returns to the fancy school guy (and perhaps the most humorless man alive?) and begs for a job at the school so she can have 50% off the tuition. I was really hoping they'd give her a janitorial job or something, but in a very convenient coincidence, the art teacher needs an assistant. So, MJ gets a new school and Susan gets a new job.

Bree — Everything's coming up roses (and, ah, Lexuses) for Bree these days, what with a three-book deal on the way and the possibility of having her own line of bakeware. Hearing that Lynette's been having some financial trouble, Bree tries to give Lynette $20,000 (which she says she'll hardly miss! Oh, to have Bree Hodge's bank account!) but instead of taking it outright, Lynette says that with the money Bree can own 15% of Scavo's restaurant. However, we all know that it doesn't matter what the percentage is, Bree will exert her control over every little bit of it. When she throws out full pizzas because they include commercial Parmesan cheese instead of fresh Parmesan, Lynette finally has it out with Bree about money changing their friendship. It's a pretty uncomfortable moment, particularly Bree's points about "making your own luck," which Lynette takes to mean that she has made her own failure. Eeesh. In the end Lynette tersely promises to pay Bree back in full and with interest, and Bree still doesn't understand why her financial success has to change things between them. I feel sorry for Lynette in this episode. Bree is awfully condescending.

Gaby — Speaking of awful! Wow! Gaby turns up the callous bitchiness big time this week. Carlos lands some thing and gets some bonus all of which means they're rich again ("Hallelujah!"). He wants to take her out for a fancy anniversary dinner and Gaby wants to fit into her old bright red smoking hot dress for the occasion. She still has a smidge of weight to lose in order to fit, though, and she asks Edie to get her into the intense boot camp run by a guy who was previously part of the Israeli army (which Gaby carelessly calls the Iraqi army by mistake). Gaby gives up after one session, however, which causes the rest of the class to suffer and work out on Gaby's lawn until she comes back. She refuses until Edie, refreshingly blunt, tells her like it is: "You want the old Gaby back? Well, congratulations, you got her. A self-centered, obnoxious jerk." Gaby softens, rejoins the class, says something sweet to the seamstress she used to berate, and looks lovely for the anniversary dinner.

Lynette — Poor Lynette and Tom! They're struggling financially, though Bree's money helps, and they throw a party for Bree's book signing, which gets the restaurant hopping again. Still, there's a massive divide between where Lynette and Bree are at in their lives right now, and they're having a lot of difficulty bridging the gap. Bree's insensitivity doesn't help. Meanwhile, Tom has to give up his beloved car (I laughed out loud at the pseudo-funeral going on in the garage for "Foxy") and he later learns some unpleasant information about his "good buddy" Dave: Dave told the police that he saw Porter inside the club during the fire, even though it's a blatant lie. Tom confronts Dave about it (not having told Lynette about it because, and I believe this too, she'd kill Dave) but Dave pulls some crazy self-defense moves on Tom and now Tom's pretty scared of the guy.

Edie/Dave — Slowly but surely, the residents of Wisteria Lane are becoming uneasy about Dave, and it doesn't help when he says things to Edie like, "Love is temporary. The way the fairy tale ends is death." Yikes! I'm liking Edie more these days, and I just hope she doesn't get caught up in Dave's evil plans. . .

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