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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 16, "Crime Doesn't Pay"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 16, "Crime Doesn't Pay"

New episodes of Desperate Housewives are back this week with one that focuses on jobs and what one's job means for one's identity. Also, there's some more Susan-Katherine drama (and Susan finally acts somewhat maturely for once!), Gaby gets even more enmeshed in Carlos's boss's affair, and Edie creeps closer to knowing what the heck is up with dear old Dave.

Personally, though, I can't seem to get over Tom's cancer comment about Lynette at the dinner with a prospective employer. Unbelievable! If you want to catch up and/or chat about the episode,


Susan — Sorry, I'm not certain what happened in Susan's early scenes because I was too distracted by her bra which plainly showed through her top. Am I crazy? Was that ridiculously noticeable to anyone else? Was that on purpose? Anyway! She notices one of her paintings at Katherine's and she tells Katherine she painted it — and that it's of the beach where she and Mike honeymooned! I certainly wouldn't want that over my mantle, either. Katherine later lies in order to put the painting out of sight, but Susan catches her in the lie. They have words. Susan then does the nice thing by marching over to Katherine and Mike's house and demanding her painting back.

Bree — Poor Orson! I know he committed crimes and all that but I can't help siding with him and his sad little face. Now that he's no longer a dentist, he feels like people don't respect him and he's taken to stealing little things here and there — mostly just after he feels like he's been humiliated. Bree discovers this new tendency of his and with all her Bree-ish righteous indignation, she scolds Orson and tells him to stop this behavior. The Orson scenes are usually my favorite part of an episode and this is no different, from the voice he uses to make the Italian salt shaker talk, to seeing Bree frisk him in the kitchen — I would probably watch a whole episode of just Orson.

Gaby — After Gaby negotiated with Carlos's boss Bradley (she'll keep his secret about cheating on his wife if he gives Carlos a large bonus), Bradley now thinks he can use Gaby to help him continue to conceal his affair. It starts to eat away at Gaby and eventually she tells Bradley she'll tell his wife about the other woman if he doesn't. So, Bradley decides to tell her (and he makes it clear that Carlos is fired, which actually seems to bring some peace to Gaby and Carlos's marriage) but when he comes clean, his wife murders him with a giant kitchen knife!

Lynette — OK. I get that the pizzeria flopped and Tom feels frustrated and directionless. And then Bree sets up a dinner with her publisher who might be able to give Tom a marketing job, but Tom is very clearly not interested. So, Lynette remembers that she used to work in the same field (finally! I was hoping this would come up because the whole time I was thinking that was an incredible oversight) and starts to sell herself for the job. Only then does Tom get all macho and competitive (for a job he couldn't have cared less about earlier) and the two go back and forth, back and forth, making each other look as bad as possible in front of the publisher guy. This ends with Tom saying something about just hoping the cancer doesn't come back if the guy does hire Lynette. He uses his wife's life-threatening disease as a reason for a prospective employer not to hire her. Just . . . wow. Lynette doesn't much care later on, though. She's just happy that Tom will let her go back to work. Ugh.

Edie — When they run into an old priest that Dave knew in his past, Dave lies to Edie about knowing him. So, she goes to chat with the priest who doesn't reveal any juicy information about Dave, but he lets it slip that Dave's last name used to be Dash. Now Edie is on the hunt for more answers about her mysterious husband. . . .

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