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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 17, "The Story of Lucy and Jessie"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 17, "The Story of Lucy and Jessie"

A little Sapphic storyline shakes things up on Desperate Housewives this week as Susan's actions are misinterpreted by the woman she assists at the school. In other news, Lynette is having a hard time getting back into the advertising world and feels like her age (43) is working against her, Gaby is suspicious of a woman working closely with Carlos and Bree is positively infuriated by her kleptomaniac husband.

Last week there was a murder on DH but they don't really get back to that much in this week's episode, which I found a little disappointing. However! Dave has finally succeeded in convincing both Mike and Katherine to go camping with him — and he's clearly interested in more than just s'mores and ghost stories. To chat about this week's episode,


Susan — Hearing from a plucky little girl in her class that she's about to be evaluated, Susan decides to invite over the teacher she assists, Jessie (Swoozie Kurtz! Yay!) to try and get in Jessie's good graces. Her little plan works a bit too well, though, when Jessie thinks Susan is interested in her — like that. Jessie even plants one on Susan as she leaves which, naturally, Gaby later reenacts with Susan, just to be sure she's understanding this kiss correctly. In the end, Susan and Jessie clear the air — they're just two lonely gals, unlucky in love — and they agree to be real friends. I feel like the boots issue was a bit ridiculous. If I think they're cute boots, what does that make me? Hmm. . . .

Bree — Bree is furious to find out that Orson has not, in fact, stopped taking little things from the houses of their friends and neighbors. She goes around replacing each of the stolen items (culminating, hilariously, in her bringing a ceramic "sleeping Mexican" over to Gaby's, assuming it belongs in the Solis home when in fact it's Mrs. McCluskey's and rather offensive to Gaby) and keeps yelling at Orson, but nothing is working to make him stop stealing. They try therapy, though Bree leaves in a huff, demanding the therapist "fix" Orson because he's the one with the problem. But one of the things Orson clearly enjoys about his new habit is the fact that Bree can't control it and that drives her crazy.

Lynette — Lynette tries to get a job in advertising again but finds that she's older than nearly everyone she's meeting in the industry — and it's working against her. She asks Gaby to see if Carlos can hire her for the marketing department at his company, but Gaby is reluctant at first. I so do not understand this part of the show. Why, exactly, does Gaby think Lynette is a risk? Why wouldn't she just recommend her friend for a job? Anyway, Lynette finally lands a job, just in time for Gaby to turn around and offer her the one at Carlos's company. Lynette takes it (after finagling a higher salary) but soon finds out why Gaby had a change of heart: She wants Lynette to spy on Carlos at work.

Gaby — Now that Bradley has been murdered, Carlos is given his job as president of the company and the first thing he does is hire a woman from his past. At first Gaby is mostly OK with it because she thinks Lucy is too heavyset for Carlos to find her attractive, but Carlos explains that a bold, confident woman is sexy — no matter what her weight is. Thus, Gaby has Carlos hire Lynette so she'll have a spy keeping an eye on Lucy at the office.

Edie/Dave — Though Edie knew about Dave's wife, she now discovers that he also had a child, and that the two died in a car accident, but she has yet to find out who was responsible for this accident. By the time she finds out, it might be too late — Dave has successfully lured Mike and Katherine into his clutches as the three head off together to go camping.

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californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I thought Susan was the one driving the car? For some reason, I thought that was already explained...maybe Mike pretended to be the driver (since they were thrown from the car, it could've been either one of them) so Susan wouldn't get in trouble? I don't know...I'm interested to see what happens next with Dave. It was really strange that Gabby wouldn't recommend Lynette for the job. I guess Lynette is considered a risk because she has gone through a lot of job changes in the past few years. I mean she was a stay-at-home mom, then she went into advertising again, then she quit to work at Scavo's Pizzeria, and then the pizza business failed. I still think Gabby should've helped her out. I was surprised, like Gabby was, that Carlos would sleep with a heavy woman only because I thought it was much more shallow. I have a feeling that Carlos is going to cheat again. Susan's storyline was soo awkward. I like Swoosie Kurtz, I miss seeing her on Pushing Daisies :( but that was just weird seeing a 60 year old woman hit on a 40 year old woman. She looks good though for her age, I'll give her that.
Anadi Anadi 8 years
I always assumed Mike was the one driving the car with Susan in the passenger seat, at least that was what I got from the episode where they talked about it.
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 8 years
I was so hoping Susan would turn into a lesbian, or at least gets curious. I guess I was misled by their promo last week (Katy Perry's song etc). I hope they have some last plot twists in the Dave story, because it is getting very tiredsome. One thing I don't understand about Orson is, he DID run over Mike. Even though Bree forces him to go to jail, he is still the one committing the crime. So I will say: "Grow up!". Also, I think respect is to be earned, people don't give it to you automatically. Buzz, I wish you would recap United States of Tara. I found it to be one of the best comedy of this year, and Toni Collette is AMAZING!!!!!
spacebear spacebear 8 years
can someone explain to me why mike was being released of charges(the newspaper article) when susan was the one driving? i dont think courts blame people that didnt check the brakes or whatever it was mike forgot to do.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i wonder if its wrong for me to say that i almost teared up when dave was talking about his 'friend' that lost his daughter..hes the 'bad guy' here but he still lost a child..
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I love the Dave actor and think he adds a lot to this season! I hope Susan turns lesbian, maybe it will get rid of her man issues :oy:
canadianchickie canadianchickie 8 years
Yes it's been implied for a while now that Mike and Susan's accident that drove them apart and killed a mother and her daughter were Dave's family. I can't wait til next week!! It looks like it's going to be super exciting. I loooove Orson, but I want him to stop stealing! I guess something like that was to be expected after the way Bree has been chastising him this season, plus he does have a little bit of a dark past, and the writers can't completely ignore that. The actor who plays Dave is so creepy, yet he had a bit of a tender moment when Edie asked him about having a child. He is definitely an excellent actor. And Susan was just painful to watch!! With the whole gazelle and rhino thing, all that going on in front of their students - as if they would pull something like that! It's so unethical. Anyways good episode - but I can't wait til next week...and I especially can't wait for tonight! GOSSIP GIRL!!!
nery85 nery85 8 years
so the car that susan hit had daves wife and child in it and he is going after mike?
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
This season has been so great for DH, but I'm really not a fan of the current storylines - Orson, Gaby, Bree, Susan... they need to get back on track. Maybe next week will be better?? Here's hoping so..
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