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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 18, "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 18, "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark"

We won't be seeing any new episodes of Desperate Housewives for four more weeks, so I'm glad this week's episode is pretty satisfying! We're finally wrapping up the whole Dave storyline, which I find to be a big relief. I've liked his creepiness on the show but I think I've had enough of his story. Meanwhile, Susan has a surprising reconnection with Karl, Orson makes a major demand of Bree, and Gaby, Lynette and Carlos are all having problems with Lucy's way of doing business.

And the whole thing with Edie at the end had me laughing — not because of the actual event but because it took so many different forms. I'd feel bad about that but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be at least a little funny . . . right? To chat about this week's episode,


Susan — Susan encounters Karl as he's enrolling his son at her school, and as the kid's time in Susan's art class progresses, she finds that he only likes to draw disturbing pictures of bloody murders. Though they first have a big, nasty, classic Susan-Karl blowout (ending in Susan throwing paint in Karl's face, gross), Susan eventually has a real heart-to-heart with Karl and discovers that Karl's wife has left them. Now Karl claims to understand how Susan felt when he left her. This is just how I like my Susan stories: relatively tame, normal, and not particularly central to the episode as a whole!

Bree — This story had me worried for a little while there. I truly thought Bree was going to give up her business when Orson explained that he steals because he feels like he's disappearing as a person, and he thinks Bree has emasculated him by concentrating so much on her business and not supporting him enough. Next thing we know, Bree is on the phone, saying she'll sell the company! After a little talk with Andrew (thank goodness for Andrew — I just love him this season), Bree realizes that if Orson loves her so much, he wouldn't want her to give up something that she loves. She asks Orson to give her just one more year, but this darkens Orson's mood once more and he resorts to stealing again.

Lynette — I got a huge kick out of Lynette this episode, though it's rather odd to see her be so passive as Lucy's underling. Lucy clearly doesn't care for Lynette much, and despite Lynette's gentle protests (because she has four kids, for Pete's sake), Lucy makes it a requirement that she work Friday nights. Lynette tries talking to Carlos, but he draws the boss/neighbor line pretty firmly and won't make exceptions for her. In the end, Lynette allows Carlos and Gaby's kids to play with Lucy's precious glass figurines and Lucy's vicious true nature shines through for everyone to see — including Carlos, who fires her.

Gaby — Lucy's departure is a huge relief for Gaby, who is scared that she and Carlos are becoming the way they used to be: Carlos exhausted and cranky from working all the time and buying expensive gifts to try and make it up to Gaby. They both recognize that Carlos can't exactly quit the job right now, but getting rid of Lucy and perhaps making the office a less stressful place will be a step in the right direction for everyone. One of my favorite parts of the whole episode (though I also found it a little weird) is Gaby and Tom's little coffee chat about sex. Tom can gab with the best of the housewives!

Edie/Dave — Dave's master plan is revealed (he's going to try and kill Katherine on the camping trip, of course, which we all saw coming for a long time now) but his plan is foiled when Edie pieces everything together and texts him, demanding he come home. The next part is standard DH ridiculousness when Edie, right in front of a mentally unstable man who has lied to her for years, tries to get on the phone with Mike to warn him about Dave. What? Anyway, as anyone in the world might have guessed, the violent Dave tries to prevent Edie from making this call and ends up choking her. She survives this, only to get into a car accident while trying to swerve away from cat burglar Orson. And she survives that — only to get out of the car and be electrocuted.

Well, we've got four whole weeks before the next new episode on April 19, so there's plenty of time to talk. What did you think of this week's DH?

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pgibbons pgibbons 8 years
I think that Edie will have brain damage or something from the electricution (or perhaps be unable to communicate....thus not able to tell anyone about Dave). I also believe that Karl or his son killed the wife. At first I thought Karl did it, but then...why would it make Evan happy...unless he killed his mom and he is a really messed up kid and so dad is covering for the kid....who knows. I thought that Edie was really stupid (well she was drunk) to think that a crazy man would just let her make a phone call to tell about his plot. I'm not liking where they are going with the Orson thing either.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I kind of wish Dave would have killed Katherine. She annoys me as a character. I am so glad that Bree stood up to Orson. I used to really like him, but he annoyed me this episode. He didn't want to "just be Mr. Bree Van de Kamp," but it seems like he wanted her to "just be Mrs. Orson Hodge." Seriously, how annoying. Lynette's ending made me laugh, but the storyline annoyed me, mostly because I didn't like Lucy (and because the figurines were so tacky). I'm glad Lucy's gone!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I thought last night's episode was great! It was so intense the way that Edie died...first, you thought she would be choked by Dave, then she got in a car crash, then she was electrocuted! Sheesh...she might not be dead though, I thought I saw her move in the previews for the next episodes. It was interesting seeing Karl back on DH, his kid is seriously messed up! I agree with merie that Susan & Karl are probably going to hook up again. I'm glad they got rid of Lucy! She was annoying, but I have to admit it was hilarious that she assumed that Carlos and Gaby's daughters belonged to the cleaning lady. I was worried that Bree would give up her company, thank goodness she changed her mind. Orson's actions are really getting out of control...I hope that is resolved soon.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
it was a good episode. but 4 weeks?!! aww man.. i kinda wish edie would leave town like before, why does abc have to kill off its characters? im glad his killing katherine plot didnt work out, and i actually felt a little bad for karl!
Allyace Allyace 8 years
I don't know, I doubt that creepy Dave is really gone. He didn't kill Edie, so I think he can stick around.
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
My mom and I were laughing so hard with the little boy who kept drawing a man stabbing a girl with a sword and blood and guts everywhere. We could not stop laughing. I think that was the best part of the entire episode beside Lynette's ending line. Could they think of nothing more spectacular to kill of Edie by electrocution? Really, it's so stupid. The crazy glass figurine lady was totally asking for it. I love Lynette's ending line with "Don't forget your wittle animals." That was great.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Am I the only one hoping that Dave's secret will die with Edie? I like his character. Maybe if he loses Edie he will change his ways. I want Orson to be back to being a dentist. Why can't he do that again? BC he went to jail? hmmmm I guess that makes sense. 4 more weeks!??!!!
iluvginagershon7 iluvginagershon7 8 years
the episode was amazing but i hated that it was a to be continued ughhhhh
merie33 merie33 8 years
Buzz, I totally laughed with the whole Edie thing. It was like they couldn't decide how they wanted it to happen so they threw in a little of everything. Lynette made me laugh too, "Don't forget your wittle animaaaalllssss". Overall, I enjoyed the episode, I'm glad Dave is (mostly) out of the story. That was really starting to drag a little. Bree had me confused..I just couldn't picture her caving like that. Who thinks Susan and Karl are gonna hook up now that she's sympathetic about his life and he's been cast in a softer light? Not that I would mind. I love his character. I didn't realize it was going to be another 4 weeks! Oy...
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Cannnot wait for Dave to be gone; his story has gone on way too long. Glad that Lucy is gone, as well; she served her purpose, and it was time for her to leave. I'm a bit worried about where the Orson storyline will lead; he's one of my favorite characters, but I'm just not loving where the writers are going with him. Here's hoping for a blockbuster of a finish.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
Didn't love this episode. I felt like Gaby, Lynette, Bree, and Orson all acted out of character... I was gonna freak out if Bree sold her business. What are the 50's?? ugh I'm over the Dave storyline too. Can't wait until it's resolved. Here's hoping the next episodes are a solid block to end the season!
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