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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 20, "Rose's Turn"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 20, "Rose's Turn"

In the wake of Edie's death, Wisteria Lane appears to be a little bit more subdued than normal on Desperate Housewives — no major scandals or murders or fights. Just some good old-fashioned deceptions and marriage trouble. I think this week's episode is a step up from last week's, but then again, I'm not sure that's hard to do! To chat about "Rose's Turn,"


Susan — I wish Susan's storyline were more exciting since hers is the one that involves a gun, after all, but as is the case with most of her stories, she just seems kinda dumb. When she checks in on Dave, who appears to be drinking himself to an early grave, Susan spots a gun in the kitchen and fears that Dave is suicidal. So (of course!) she takes the gun — along with anything that might be used for suicide (knives, ties, belts) and hightails it, only to be stopped by the police who, naturally, wonder why she's driving with a gun in the front seat (not to mention a whole picnic basket of weaponry?). Later Susan decides to try and connect with Dave by telling him of her guilt over the car accident she and Mike were in. Turns out, Susan was the one driving the car, not Mike, so Dave shifts his murderous attention to her.

Bree — "Orson's lying to me again. So I think I have to divorce him." What? That's a pretty major decision that Bree comes to rather quickly. Anyway, Bree says she can't handle anymore of Orson's lying, and Orson promises that from now on, he's going to be "happy." But soon enough, Bree learns the truth about Orson's head injury (he was hit with a bat (yikes!) while trying to steal knick-knacks on the night of Edie's death) and she decides that the marriage isn't working out.

Gaby — Gaby has joined a garden club in the hopes of just hanging out, gossiping and drinking, but the woman in charge has them actually planting things. So, Gaby arranges a coup with a team of other ladies who prefer margaritas to marigolds, and she just needs one more person to back her up. So, she asks Tom to join the club, which he gamely does, but Gaby regrets this as soon as she sees Tom enjoying the attention of the "slutty" Patty Rizzo. In the end, Gaby and Tom have a heart-to-heart about it and Gaby explains that she only hopes Tom won't make her same mistakes and hurt Lynette the way she hurt Carlos.

Lynette — Speaking of Carlos, he has now seen Lynette naked. I'm not at all sure why Lynette would take a shower in Carlos's office right before coming home, but at any rate, Tom's not happy about it. Later, Carlos comes by to pick up Lynette for work while she's in her own shower and she slips, hitting her head. So, Carlos helps her out of the shower and calls a doctor. Because of the whole naked thing, they decide to keep Carlos's heroic act a secret from Tom — but when it all comes out in the open, Lynette doesn't feel too badly about it once she learns that Tom's been keeping company with Patty Rizzo.

Katherine — Apparently, Katherine is dying for Mike to commit to her because, as she murmurs to him in bed, he's the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with. But no pressure!

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