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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 5: "Art Isn't Easy"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode 5: "Art Isn't Easy"

Another Sunday, another juicy episode of Desperate Housewives. I am loving this season so far. This week's episode piqued our interest even more in what exactly went on "in Chicago," and featured all sorts of Wisteria Lane politics. I must say, however, that as much as I like that the two gentlemen are shaking things up on the street, that Lee is a prick. At first I thought he was just kind of snarky, but now he's reached full-blown obnoxious jerk status. I have a feeling his snide comments are going to get old. Also, because of this character I had a very difficult time seeing him as "The Nice Guy" patient on last week's episode of Scrubs.

Anyway, for more of my DH rundown (which includes spoilers, of course),

Susan — Wow, I can't believe that when it came down to voting between Lynette and Katherine she chose Katherine! I suppose that at that time she didn't know what the tree house meant to Lynette and her kids, but still. Some friend! I'm glad she and Lynette made peace in the end.

Bree — Using some good old-fashioned manipulation, Bree manages to convince Danielle that she would be better off having the baby at home, with Bree and Orson, instead of at Phyllis' retirement home. In the end, of course, it comes out that Phyllis is really just wretchedly lonely and wanted Danielle around because she misses family.

Gaby — "So, that's a negatory on the affair," Gaby informs John as she's yanking him out the door. Poor John Roland is now trapped in a loveless marriage with a baby on the way, so he seeks out Gaby for some TLC. The scene with Carlos hiding in the closet and listening to John talk about his affair with Gaby was classic! Then Carlos grows a conscience about the affair he's having with Gaby — just in time for the guy following Gaby and Carlos to snap a few photos of the two sharing a final kiss.

Lynette — It's heartbreaking to hear Lynette's kids talk about needing a place to go where there's no talk of cancer, so it's great that in the end they get to keep the tree house. Seeing Kayla again, though, reminded me that they sort of dropped that whole storyline from last season, no? She used to hate Lynette's guts and this season we haven't heard from her at all.

Edie — So she's the one who hired someone to follow Carlos around, instead of Victor hiring someone to follow Gaby. There was a blessed lack of Edie this week, though she did manage to wedge in a line about owning Carlos' balls.

Katherine — After trying to become the ruler of Wisteria Lane so she can get rid of the metal fountain thing, Katherine ends up telling Lynette she can keep the tree house anyway. Yet when she goes to remind Lee and Bob to remove their fountain, they mention that they know all about "Chicago." This huge Chicago secret better be worth all the shady mystery surrounding it.

I can't wait for next week when it looks like Danielle goes as Bree for Halloween!

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pargie pargie 9 years
Loved this episode, I love all of the characters..and I think Susan is annoying, yet cute. I don't think Gaby is a whore at all, mostly a gold-digger..I hate the double standard though..just like the fellas--Gaby's just using what she has to get what she wants. Now Edie, I feel more comfortable labeling her as the whore of the show. Even though we've seen her vulnerable side at times, she's still just monstrous. I would watch it on but my internet browser shuts down every time I try to watch a video these days. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.
KWM KWM 9 years
Thanks for the thoughts, Buzz. I am really enjoying this season as well and I am actually happy they dropped the whole Kayla storyline. I do wish Danielle would have that baby soon. I am getting tired of Bree's fake pregnancy.
ericag4514 ericag4514 9 years
I agree that Susan is pretty annoying and unnecessary! I can't stand her! Other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, and I'm DYRING to find out what the whole "Chicago" thing is about...any ideas?
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Huh. I guess I have a hard time seeing Susan as mature in any way. Her decision to vote for Katherine had nothing to do with thinking Katherine would do the better job and everything to do with selfish motives (to get the fountain to come down). Which, I guess, is not surprising for Susan!
sarabel sarabel 9 years
I thought Susan was the more mature of the two in her voting. If you look at it from her point of view it's whether you vote for the person you like or the person you think will do the best job. Would you vote for someone you think wouldn't do a good job? No.
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
I agree, the preview looks hilarious with Danielle!!
BeHappy BeHappy 9 years
anyone know where i can find an ep 6 preview? - my channel didnt show it last night......
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 9 years
I'm sick to death of Gaby. Her only storylines have to do with being an adulterous whore. Cheated on Carlos with John. Is cheating on Victor with Carlos. Enough already.
GoingLikeSixty GoingLikeSixty 9 years
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. for the rear view.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Like others, I hope the Katherine mystery is soon resolved. DH is much better this season, but could quickly go downhill if this story line drags on. Looking forward to next week's episode; from the previews, it looks like a good one.
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
ellejay... edie cares b/c she KNOWS about the millions carlos has so she can EASILY hold that against him. since it's illegal money she can say she'll go to the police unless he gives her a cut of it.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
Need I say again how unncecessary Susan is to the entire show? She is selfish, stupid, and annoying. This show would be 100x better if she weren't in it. Yes, Lee is an a-hole. But am I the only one that thinks he's really hot? Is he gay in real life? Probably, all the hot ones are. I love, love, love Orson! His comments are the funniest part about the show. Both he and Carlos are the two great male characters. Someone last week said that James Denton might as well be phoning it in at this point. I agree! He is so boring it's painful. I wish they'd bring Ian back. At least he had the hot British accent. Was it necessary to bring back Z-list celeb Jesse Metcalfe? Clearly, he has nothing better going on but DH is beating a dead horse with this one. I hope they reveal the "big secret" with Katherine soon because it's becoming old already.
ElleJay ElleJay 9 years
I have to agree that this season is really good. I too, hope that they don't drag out the katherine mystery forever, that gets old quick. I was so sure that was Victor's man following Gaby around, but I can't help but wonder why Edie cares so much. I mean I know she thinks they're in this "relationship", but it's not like they're married- heck she's the one that forced him into an "engagment". You'd think if she had half a brain she'd back down a little and realize Carlos just isn't that into her.
esk4 esk4 9 years
they need to let the veiwers in on the whole katherine situation soon.... I'm gettinmg a little tired of all these refereances to something we know nothing about...
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