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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode Four: "Back in Business"

Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode Four: "Back in Business"

Ah, jealousy. Even your closest friends harbor jealousy toward you when you are successful, according to this week's episode of Desperate Housewives. As Bree's book is about to hit shelves, there seems to be a ripple effect of jealousy and resentment hitting all of her friends — and even Orson. But as the voice of Mary Alice soothes at the end, the way to deal with so much jealousy is to "simply share what you have."

To chat about this week's episode,


Susan — I have written in my notes from last night, "Susan = mentally deficient??" Who on earth would instruct her kid to purposely fall off his bike just so his dad's feelings aren't hurt? When Mike realizes that MJ is starting to regard Jackson as a father figure, Mike feels threatened and buys MJ a bicycle, saying he'll teach MJ how to ride it the following week. Of course, as Susan points out (and as she maybe should have pointed out in the first place?), you can't give a five-year-old a bicycle and tell him not to learn how to ride it. So, MJ begs Jackson to teach him, and when Susan finds out, she instructs MJ to purposely fall off the bike when Mike comes over so Mike can feel like he's really helping MJ learn how to ride. This causes MJ to injure his arm (nice going, Mom!) and Susan and Mike have a frank conversation about the realities of parenting as a divorced couple. Then, in the end, Mike moves into Mary Alice's old house on Wisteria Lane, so now I guess he can watch Jackson parent his kid up close.

Bree — Bree's having a time of great career success: her book is about to be published and she has been named Businesswoman of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. However, sensing resentment from her friends, she downplays it all (that scene with her finding out about the Businesswoman of the Year made me mad; I hate it when women downplay their accomplishments just to make other people feel more comfortable). Meanwhile, Orson is trying to find a new job and when he suggests to Bree that he become her business partner, Katherine makes it clear that she will leave if Orson comes on board. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Bree turns Orson down. Later Bree confides in Lynette that "there is nothing successful about me!" And she wonders if all the success is worth it if her friends are jealous, Katherine is resentful, and Orson is sleeping in the guest bedroom after feeling snubbed by his wife. In the end, Bree gets a loyal pep talk from Lynette and decides to bring Orson on as her partner. I really liked that this episode ended on that sweet note: Orson opening up the box with the chef's hat inside and climbing back in bed next to Bree.

Lynette — Lynette, in fact, is quite jealous of Bree and she decides to try and rework the marketing strategy in place for Bree's book. But when Bree rejects Lynette's ideas and decides to stay with the original marketing plan (which was cooked up by Lynette's former assistant — who now has his own company), Lynette drinks herself silly and makes a big scene just before Bree is named Businesswoman of the Year. Later Lynette goes to Bree and they talk it out: Bree is conflicted about her own success, Lynette is envious of Bree's success but vows to stand by her.

Gaby — Gaby decides that she and Carlos need to get Juanita invited to a weekly play date so she and Carlos can have some time alone to have sex. But then Juanita witnesses them "wrestling" (which, disturbingly, Gaby allows Juanita to think is something during which Daddy hurts Mommy?) and tells all the kids at the play date all about the facts of life. So, no more play dates — in any capacity — for any of the Solises.

Edie — Honestly, sometimes when Dave's face is on the screen, I have to look away. He just gives me the heebie-jeebies. We're getting closer and closer to understanding his deal: he lashes out at Edie one day when he apparently hasn't taken his meds. Later he tries to make it up to her by buying Mary Alice's old house, which Edie somehow decided they should buy and rent out. Of course, Dave is not someone with very pure motives, and he bought the house mostly so he could lure Mike back to Wisteria Lane, as he clearly seems to be zeroing in on Mike as his target for. . . something.

Next week we're promised all sorts of salacious details about the five years we haven't seen. I look forward to some answers in that regard, how about you?

To find out how to get all the fashion from last night's episode, check out our new site, CelebStyle!

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