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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episode Three, "Kids Ain't Like Everyone Else"

Here's what I liked best about this week's episode of Desperate Housewives: the faceoff between fellow housewives Gaby and Susan! It's good to shake things up a bit and have the housewives literally at each other's throats. I do think that if that fight were real, Gaby would win for sure. Low center of gravity and all that. Anyway, the theme of the episode was obviously "bullies," and each storyline fell into the theme in one way or another.

To chat about the episode,


Susan — Poor little MJ (who is, in my opinion, one of the most adorable kids on TV) is being bullied by a girl, and not just any girl — Juanita Solis. When Mike refuses to teach MJ how to fight (because if it wears a skirt, apparently, you can't fight it), Susan is annoyed and declares that "if feminism means anything it's that it's OK for a big mean girl to get her butt kicked." Um . . . yeah. Sure. So, she takes matters into her own hands — literally — and shoves Juanita to the ground (does it make me a bad person that I thought this part was really, really funny?). Of course, Gaby rushes over and she and Susan throw down over their kids' throwdowns. Later the two make up and toast each other for being such good moms.

Bree — So Danielle's grown up to be a hippie-esque, home-schoolin' vegetarian. Interesting. Of course, Bree is conflicted because while she's happy to see her grandson Benjamin again, she can't deal with the way Danielle is raising him. Nobody rocks a horrified expression quite like Bree, and this episode allowed her to do so often. Unable to change her daughter's mind about raising Benjamin as a vegetarian, she devilishly sneaks the boy a hot dog (well, two, actually) which he later regurgitates right in front of Bree's entire dinner party (is it me, or is it really odd that Bree's dinner guests include Mrs. McCluskey, Edie. and Dave, but not one of the three original housewives?). Danielle and her husband take Benjamin and leave in a huff, after which Orson accuses Bree of not trying hard enough to keep Benjamin.

Lynette — In the past few episodes, it's seemed that when they try to give Lynette a storyline that doesn't include huge crises, it just comes out lame. Tom starts playing bass in the garage with creepy Dave on drums, and Lynette has a major problem with this . . . why? I didn't quite get that. Anyway, the woman sets it up so that Tom will run over his own guitar (I'm not even a musician but that scene made even my soul die a little — you don't just run over a guitar like that!). But then Dave comes by with a brand new bass, which he tells Lynette to give to Tom and thank her lucky stars that her husband's mid-life crisis isn't more destructive. It's a good thing she gives the guitar to Tom outside on the front porch so Dave could see the exchange as he cycles by the house. Sheesh.

Gaby — Poor Gaby. Navigating the trials and tribulations of motherhood while also becoming accustomed to a less fancy lifestyle is intensely difficult for her. She and Carlos sell their beautiful car and then Gaby buys Andrew Van de Camp's old, beat-up vehicle, only to find out the car needs a new radiator — which Andrew refuses to pay for. Meanwhile, turns out Gaby's larger-than-average daughter Juanita (who, according to Susan, "could take down a small deer") has been bullying Susan's son MJ. After Gaby and Susan trade insults over each other's kids, they end up wrestling on the lawn before making up over a pitcher of screwdrivers. Susan suggests that Gaby should "get mad more often," so Gaby later threatens to run her car into Andrew's shiny new one unless he ponies up the money for the new radiator. I loved this little moment of triumph for Gaby.

Edie — Well, Dave just keeps getting weirder and creepier, doesn't he? As McCluskey goes sniffing around Dave's past, he starts to seem shadier to everyone, and even Edie is confused as to why she doesn't know any details about her own husband's past — including where he went to college! When Mrs. McCluskey and Katherine successfully manage to raise Edie's suspicions enough that she asks Dave where he went to school in front of everybody, he shuts her down with a story about how he never went to college and is embarrassed about that. Basically, Edie's now guilted into not asking any more questions, and Dave plants the seed in her mind that Mrs. McCluskey is becoming senile.

More drama to come, obvs. What did you think of this episode?

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