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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episodes 16 & 17, "The Gun Song/Free"

Wow, that was a lot of juicy Desperate Housewives! Two hours is a ton of any show, but when it's DH, there's just so much that goes on between the revealed secrets and sentimental conversations and plot twists — phew! What a way to end the season though, eh? I enjoyed most of the two hours but those final few moments when we glimpse the future. . . wow. I loved that.

I was totally satisfied with this season finale, as it was like classic DH (drama, humor, violence, redemption, hope, etc.) with a little something new tossed in (flash-forward). Yeah, it's not totally original (hello, Lost) but I think it spiced things up a bit and definitely got people talking! To check out more about this week's DH finale,


Susan — It often seems like all of Susan's issues could be resolved by utilizing some basic communication skills. The whole name-changing thing simply wasn't that interesting, especially when after all that, she and Mike just talk it out and they name him Maynerd anyway. We could have skipped that whole balloons debacle, etc. Ditto for the Julie storyline which seemed like filler and a way to show that Julie was about to leave the nest. Anyway, the really good stuff with Susan came in the last few seconds of the show! Where's Mike?! Who's that guy kissing Susan? And I really wanted to see her little boy, now five years old. Is Maynerd with Mike now? So many questions!

Bree — Orson's protectiveness and stalking tendencies are annoying to Bree — until he saves the day a couple times. First he prevents (er, he tries to prevent) the creepy reverend from calling Bree a temptress in front of the entire congregation after she refuses his advances. And though the two men get into a physical fight (which Orson ultimately loses) and broadcast their entire argument over the church's PA system, it's the thought that counts! Later, Bree tries to get the melting ice cherub to the commitment ceremony she's trying to pull off singlehandedly by pushing the cherub in a stroller when her car breaks down. Luckily, Orson drives up and helps her back to Wisteria Lane. As for the flash-forward, Bree appears to be a wildly successful event planner (with Andrew as her fabulous — and dapper! — assistant) who happily goes up to take a bath with her man Orson. I am curious, again, about the little one in that family, too. I wonder if Benjamin is still living with them at that point? Or maybe he's with Danielle. . .
Gaby — Similar to Susan's story, I kinda didn't care about Gaby's — until the flash-forward! However, I found the Ellie storyline heartbreaking. Hers is one of the great tragedies of the finale, as she opens up to Gaby about her upbringing and Gaby tries to help Ellie (who is still a drug dealer) make a getaway from the police. Yet when Ellie asks Gaby to bring her a teddy bear she left in her closet, Gaby discovers over $100,000 cash inside the teddy bear. Angered, Ellie returns to Gaby and Carlos' house and fights Gaby for the money before running away, slipping into Katherine's house and getting shot by Wayne. Sad. Now for that glimpse of the future: gone are the cute, tight-fitting outfits of Gaby Solis! She looks tired and frumpy as she plays poker with her friends and then goes home to her two little kids. Crazy! Also, that first kid looks old enough that we'll probably have to see a pregnancy next season (unless she adopts the girls).

Lynette — Hooray for getting rid of Kayla! I know it's mean, and maybe I should have been moved by her tears and and her "I'm sorry, Daddy" pleas. But I wasn't. She's a terror child. And I was proud of Tom for finally growing a pair and doing that whole phone trick thing, leaving the phone on while he talked to Kayla so the psychiatrist could hear her incriminating words. Actually, I cheered during that scene. But that was pretty much the only time I've liked Tom this whole season, and it passed quickly as he continued to seem so angry at Lynette when it's his psycho kid who was the problem. His little speech to the soon-to-be grooms Bob and Lee was endearing enough, though. And it's good he feels that way about Lynette because they have some challenges to face in the future with their delinquent young sons!

Katherine — Holy cow. We always knew that Wayne used to abuse Katherine terribly, but now we also see that she was helpless to stop him, protected as he was by his fellow police officers. Her poor little girl died accidentally but because she thought she'd be suspected of murdering the original Dylan, she and her aunt buried her in the woods and then went to the Ukraine for a new replacement Dylan. Sure, OK. It's DH, I can go with it. I really liked seeing Mary Alice (our dead narrator, played by Brenda Strong) in Katherine's flashback. So, the deranged (and I have to say, totally terrifying) Wayne beats Adam to a pulp (seriously, was his face not totally disgusting?) trying to find out where his real daughter is before taking Katherine — and then Bree — hostage. But Adam busts in and saves the day just in time. Katherine, holding Wayne at gunpoint, realizes that Wayne is too well-connected in the police force to ever truly pay for his crimes, so she shoots him. It's really one of the most touching things ever to see the women each contribute to the police report so that Katherine is saved from being incriminated in Wayne's death. I'll admit it, I got a little choked up. And then the future Katherine gets a little choked up — at the news that Dylan has gotten engaged in Paris. Aww!

Wow wow wow. So much to talk about! What do you think about the two-hour season finale? Did you miss Edie at all? And I really liked the flash-forwards, but I know many of you did not. Discuss!

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kym101 kym101 9 years
I really didn't like the end I love Susan and Mike together and who was the guy she was kissing. It sounds like the show will be over in a short time period. I love Desperate House Wives I don't want it to end!!!!
Advah Advah 9 years
Watched the finale only last night, and I'm not sure what to think of it. As much as I disliked Kayla, I'm a bit uncomfortable by how they wrote suck a f*cked up child character. I'm also not really glad of the way the Lynette-Tom relationship is portrayed most of the time; at the beginning of the show, they had difficult times but the emphasis was on how much they loved each other and how they managed to make it work. Now I feel it's all about nasty moments, and it's rare to see a genuine and sweet exchange between the two. Oh, and Susan totally should have changed her kid's name! I'm really sad to have Julie 'leave' the show, I love character so much and she's pretty witty. As for the '5 years ahead' ending, I'm glad that Orson and Andrew are still around. I love them both and they can be super funny. I didn't like the Gaby ending, it looked so not Gaby to me I found it difficult to believe. Lynette - again I don't like how the family situation evolved; it used to be about overactive but cute kids, and now they're delinquent? To me, that just brings the story to a level that doesn't really match the way the twins were portrayed. As for Susan - meh. She can be really funny but I wish they'd use that. It's like they're trying to find more drama that doesn't go with the characters (like Mike suddenly being a drug addict) - if only they could just leave her and Mike together and then explore their relationship in a more interesting (and funnier) way then just adding drama over drama.
ab6284 ab6284 9 years
The most hilarious scene was the one where lynette, in a final attempt, shows bree the 'swan' she tried making out of he napkin... her expression was so funny! i couldnt stop laughing seeing the expression in bree's n her face!!!!!!!!!!! :D
steen steen 9 years
Oh, and this is a quote from the article linked by AnnieMarie: "They are adorable," Longoria Parker says. "But I'm not excited about working with children because I'm a really fast shooter. I like to get in and get out and go home to my husband, and children tend to slow that process down. But I am excited about the comedic opportunities."
steen steen 9 years
I think the jump forward five years will be refreshing and hopefully rejuvenate the show a little bit. Don't get me wrong, DH is one of my all-time favorite shows but some of the storylines were kind of dragging. I think the most interesting stories in the finale were Katherine's and Lynette's. The whole time Kayla was apologizing and crying, I kept thinking, "You should've thought about this sooner, you little demon." I'm glad Tom finally saw what was going on and DID something about it; I was frustrated FOR Lynette! Katherine's story was starting to get boring... but wow, did they ever let the cat out of the bag! One thing I was wondering... the adopted Dylan was a pretty good age when Katherine went to the orphanage; why doesn't Dylan remember any of that? I mean, I remember stuff from when I was that age. It was just kind of weird but I can overlook it. :D I can't WAIT to see what they unveil next season!
Empathica Empathica 9 years
Part 2; 'Free' The finest hour of Desperate Housewives this season. Susan - Was such a nice moment between her and Julie which has really summed up their relationship over the past four seasons. Was such a nice moment and made me choke up a little. Bree - Nice moment between her and Orson, and found it HILARIOUS when she said to Lynette "I wish I had time to be tactful but I don't.. your swan is pathetic". Katherine - Dana was just INCREDIBLE in this episode and the tension really started to build once she ran back to her house and Wayne was waiting. Made me cringe when he shut the drawer on her hand and shoved her into the door. A TOTAL shock when Ellie was shot too... I knew she'd die as soon as she stepped into the hostage bit but I had no idea that's where she'd end up. I liked how we saw an extension of the flashback that Tim saw in Episode 11... was really good to see Katherine fighting back. I thought that in that flashback Dylan had already died and gotten a different girl and that's why she wouldn't let Wayne see her.. but alas, no. When Katherine put that doll up there I really didn't see that accident coming.. LOVED how Bree and Katherine's frienship got stronger again... Katherine revealed all to Wayne to spare Bree any harm, and the acting by Dana was pure brilliance when Katherine shot Wayne. She knew she had to do it (Wasn't expecting her to do it though). The best moment of the entire season for me though was how Katherine was finally accepted as a main housewife. I think the audience's response to Katherine has paralleled to the other housewives opinions of her. As the seasons gone on I've gone from thinking she was just an annoying stuck up woman to a woman who has her head screwed on who you can REALLY sympathise with. She's my favourite character at the moment. 5 Year flash forward - How run down does Gabby look? Was sweet that she's has children, wonder if they're adopted though? Lynette just has more trouble with her kids... Bree looks the same but has a weird outfit, nice to know she's still with Orson though... and Susan looks YOUNGER (how has that happened), and I don't like the fact her and Mike aren't together AGAIN. Wish they'd leave them alone. I think next season's mystery will centre around either Mike, Edie or this new guy of Susan's, Ken.
Empathica Empathica 9 years
Well, that episode was a PERFECT finale to a PERFECT season. That really was the best season and the best mystery since Season 1, for so many different reasons. I'll review both episodes seperately as it was kinda split into the two parts. Part 1: The Gun Song Felicty did some amazing acting in this episode... Lynette really stole the show. I know it's a very small detail but when Lynette said "Are you kidding me? I could get my kids taken away from me?".. Something about her eyes were great in that line.. Sounds weird but it makes sense to me. The part with Orson and the reverend in the church was funny. I found it really nice how Orson kept trying to help her out, and it was touching when Bree told the nurse to take good care of him in the hospital. The storyline about the names really brought out some of the funniest lines in this episode. The hospital scenes inparticular and Susan's line about Mike being molested by a clown. Bloody HILARIOUS! Gabby and Ellie had a nice moment.. I thought it was really nice how Gabby told her it was a drugs sting and let her go, but then she turned into a bitch in the second part. I also found it hilarious when Gabby was like "Well thanks for telling me" when Carlos said he knew about the affair. The Katherine storyline really heated up at this point as well.. was real menace in Waynes voice when he said "We're about to have some fun". I was liek OH MY GOD.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
Oh and I think Wayne just said "you let her die" b/c he had just found out that his daughter was dead. And as creepy and abusive as he was to Katherine I think he really did love Dylan. Then when he found out the 'older Dylan' was fake ... his love turned into obsession of trying to find her. Then Katherine told him that story and he was in shock that he'd never see his real daughter again.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
KrisE24, After Katherine and Dylan ran away from Wayne they went to live with her aunt. When Mary Alice was babysitting Wayne showed up and saw Dylan and gave her a doll. Mary Alice told Katherine and her aunt and mentioned that Dylan wouldn't let go of the doll. Katherine rushed in to check on Dylan and gather their stuff to run away again. Well, Wayne showed up before she and Dylan could leave. As Katherine was leaving Dylan's room she put the doll on top of the tall bureau (higher than Katherine b/c she had to stretch to put it up there). Well, Katherine and Wayne had their fight and sometime during that Dylan woke up and noticed her doll was missing from her arms and saw it on the bureau. She climbed the bureau and it fell on top of her crushing her. (She died). That scene that you thought Dylan was under the bed ... she was actually under the bureau that had the doll on top of it. Hope that helps ;)
KrisE24 KrisE24 9 years
Can someone please tell me how the "real" Dylan died "accidentally?" I felt she brushed right over that...and why was Dylan under the bed? I originally thought Wayne was responsible, but didn't realize he killed her, so Kathryn "let her die." Help! :)
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
kayla07, Yes, Edie has a kid. He did stay with her during one of the last seasons when she and Carlos were together... so I guess that means last season. He lives 'out of state' with his dad now. I imagine she went there to spend time with him b/c at the end of last weeks episode she said something like "I'll be there a while." ... well something to that extent. I think she (Nicolette Sheridan sp?) might be in contract negotiations. I have heard (not sure where though) that they took her off this season early and that she would be back 'in a few years'... now does that mean a few seasons or a 'few years' on the show ... which would mean next season since they are fast forwarding it 5 years. Hope that helps!
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 9 years
These two episodes are better than the few post=strike episodes. I think the second last one is better than the last one though, because it has a unified theme. The finale seems sort of a letdown because we have predicted most of the things that would happen....of course EXCEPT the last 2 minutes flash forward!! However, it seems to overshadow everything. The scene in the shooting range is the most hilarious thing yesterday night! Thank god Kayla is not here anymore! She deserves everything she gets, who cares if she is a child or not? Except for that speech, Tom is getting on my nerves, stop whining like a little baby. I think Edie should NOT come back to Wisteria Lane, her character is boring, I hope she never comes back. It is interesting how Gaby treats her "friend", what a bitch (but expected of Gaby really).
kayla07 kayla07 9 years
but I have one question for everybody... When edie left didnt she mention something about a kid she had? what happened with that?
bsglrok132 bsglrok132 9 years
I read a spoiler that said Kayla was going to die, so that was disappointing when she didn't. I honestly hated her. I thought it was sooo funny when Carlos yelled at the closet for help. It made me feel bad for him and laugh at the same time. I'm NOT a fan of the flashbacks, but it is a good ploy to get people to tune in next season. I just hope I can get used to the new lives of the desperate ladies.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
This finale was brilliant! I loved every minute of two hours. My favorite parts were: - The scene in the church with Orson, Bree & the reverand; too funny! - Kayla getting caught; I loved how Tom tricked her buy having his cell phone on. She was a evil little kid. - When Katherine shot Wayne and Bree & the rest of the women joined together to keep Katherine from going jail; it showed a deep connection betweent the women. - The 5yr flash foward; how cool (and shocking) was that?! Gabby with two daugthers?! I am so excited for next season.
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
Great finale! Loved the flash forward!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
Not sure I like things going back to pre-Mary Alice, but I do love Rex!
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
At first I hated the flash forward aspect...and still not real sure how I am going to like it later on. I think I'd rather see the lead up to '5 years later' instead of flashbacks when we are set 5 years in the future. I hope they can keep it clear and understandable. After reading AnnieMarie's link I feel somewhat better. I was disappointed in the way they were taking Gaby, but the article states: "I've gained a little weight in five years," Longoria Parker says. "I have a bigger bra, a little belly and a big butt. (But) I will not be unglammed for long." Assures Cherry: "By the time America starts to be uncomfortable that their Eva Longoria is not looking glamorous, she'll probably start to try to pull herself together." So I feel better about that.. b/c really Gaby without glamour?! Then the article stated this: And he is not necessarily done time-jumping. Cherry is pondering what it would be like to set Housewives' seventh and final season in the past — when a pre-suicide Mary Alice Young was still keeping the secret of her stolen child, Mrs. Huber was still alive as the town gossip, and Bree was still married to first husband Rex. And I'm really not feeling that!!!! I just want to know: where did this new guy for Susan come from? And I really want to see the Gaby story. Overall though?... AWESOME finale :)
lannylanlan lannylanlan 9 years
I know all children are supposed to be pretty, but why are Gabby's kids the least good looking ones? They're out of shape and not very personable. I imagined her kids to be smaller and little divas. Her being frumpy is a bad angle. I hope the kids get replaced.
denali denali 9 years
In the USA Today article Marc Cherry also said that there are only three seasons left. They have even talked about making the final season go back in time to before the first season.
cherryice cherryice 9 years
Loved the finale until the last few minutes. Flashbacks and flash forwards are a sign that a show is running out of material. I don't want to see Gaby running around after kids and Lynette trying to control teenage hoodlums. I also don't want to see Susan with anyone other than Mike. So the ending really bothered me and I'm not sure I'll watch next season.
mswender mswender 9 years
I only watched it because i heard that Gale Harold was going to be on it and he was only in the flash forward seen as Susan's new man. The show seems pretty lame, but I do love Gale Harold!
plugos plugos 9 years
I really think those last 2 minutes spoilt the nice image of DH in my head. I think ratings will drop dramatically next season coz of them.
HipMom HipMom 9 years
I liked the double episode, and I especially liked the ending and the flash-forward. The one that intrigued me the most is Susan's!!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that its kind of a bummer that most of the kid actors(especially Lynette's) will be gone next season because they will have to age so much. But I think Julie and Dylan could play themselves...its not like Susan, Bree, and Lynette looked like they were pushing 50 in the flashback, they looked almost exactly the same to me!
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