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Desperate Housewives Rundown Episodes 16 & 17, "The Gun Song/Free"

Wow, that was a lot of juicy Desperate Housewives! Two hours is a ton of any show, but when it's DH, there's just so much that goes on between the revealed secrets and sentimental conversations and plot twists — phew! What a way to end the season though, eh? I enjoyed most of the two hours but those final few moments when we glimpse the future. . . wow. I loved that.

I was totally satisfied with this season finale, as it was like classic DH (drama, humor, violence, redemption, hope, etc.) with a little something new tossed in (flash-forward). Yeah, it's not totally original (hello, Lost) but I think it spiced things up a bit and definitely got people talking! To check out more about this week's DH finale,


Susan — It often seems like all of Susan's issues could be resolved by utilizing some basic communication skills. The whole name-changing thing simply wasn't that interesting, especially when after all that, she and Mike just talk it out and they name him Maynerd anyway. We could have skipped that whole balloons debacle, etc. Ditto for the Julie storyline which seemed like filler and a way to show that Julie was about to leave the nest. Anyway, the really good stuff with Susan came in the last few seconds of the show! Where's Mike?! Who's that guy kissing Susan? And I really wanted to see her little boy, now five years old. Is Maynerd with Mike now? So many questions!

Bree — Orson's protectiveness and stalking tendencies are annoying to Bree — until he saves the day a couple times. First he prevents (er, he tries to prevent) the creepy reverend from calling Bree a temptress in front of the entire congregation after she refuses his advances. And though the two men get into a physical fight (which Orson ultimately loses) and broadcast their entire argument over the church's PA system, it's the thought that counts! Later, Bree tries to get the melting ice cherub to the commitment ceremony she's trying to pull off singlehandedly by pushing the cherub in a stroller when her car breaks down. Luckily, Orson drives up and helps her back to Wisteria Lane. As for the flash-forward, Bree appears to be a wildly successful event planner (with Andrew as her fabulous — and dapper! — assistant) who happily goes up to take a bath with her man Orson. I am curious, again, about the little one in that family, too. I wonder if Benjamin is still living with them at that point? Or maybe he's with Danielle. . .
Gaby — Similar to Susan's story, I kinda didn't care about Gaby's — until the flash-forward! However, I found the Ellie storyline heartbreaking. Hers is one of the great tragedies of the finale, as she opens up to Gaby about her upbringing and Gaby tries to help Ellie (who is still a drug dealer) make a getaway from the police. Yet when Ellie asks Gaby to bring her a teddy bear she left in her closet, Gaby discovers over $100,000 cash inside the teddy bear. Angered, Ellie returns to Gaby and Carlos' house and fights Gaby for the money before running away, slipping into Katherine's house and getting shot by Wayne. Sad. Now for that glimpse of the future: gone are the cute, tight-fitting outfits of Gaby Solis! She looks tired and frumpy as she plays poker with her friends and then goes home to her two little kids. Crazy! Also, that first kid looks old enough that we'll probably have to see a pregnancy next season (unless she adopts the girls).

Lynette — Hooray for getting rid of Kayla! I know it's mean, and maybe I should have been moved by her tears and and her "I'm sorry, Daddy" pleas. But I wasn't. She's a terror child. And I was proud of Tom for finally growing a pair and doing that whole phone trick thing, leaving the phone on while he talked to Kayla so the psychiatrist could hear her incriminating words. Actually, I cheered during that scene. But that was pretty much the only time I've liked Tom this whole season, and it passed quickly as he continued to seem so angry at Lynette when it's his psycho kid who was the problem. His little speech to the soon-to-be grooms Bob and Lee was endearing enough, though. And it's good he feels that way about Lynette because they have some challenges to face in the future with their delinquent young sons!

Katherine — Holy cow. We always knew that Wayne used to abuse Katherine terribly, but now we also see that she was helpless to stop him, protected as he was by his fellow police officers. Her poor little girl died accidentally but because she thought she'd be suspected of murdering the original Dylan, she and her aunt buried her in the woods and then went to the Ukraine for a new replacement Dylan. Sure, OK. It's DH, I can go with it. I really liked seeing Mary Alice (our dead narrator, played by Brenda Strong) in Katherine's flashback. So, the deranged (and I have to say, totally terrifying) Wayne beats Adam to a pulp (seriously, was his face not totally disgusting?) trying to find out where his real daughter is before taking Katherine — and then Bree — hostage. But Adam busts in and saves the day just in time. Katherine, holding Wayne at gunpoint, realizes that Wayne is too well-connected in the police force to ever truly pay for his crimes, so she shoots him. It's really one of the most touching things ever to see the women each contribute to the police report so that Katherine is saved from being incriminated in Wayne's death. I'll admit it, I got a little choked up. And then the future Katherine gets a little choked up — at the news that Dylan has gotten engaged in Paris. Aww!

Wow wow wow. So much to talk about! What do you think about the two-hour season finale? Did you miss Edie at all? And I really liked the flash-forwards, but I know many of you did not. Discuss!

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