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Desperate Housewives Rundown, "How About a Friendly Shrink?"

Desperate Housewives Rundown, "How About a Friendly Shrink?"

After the Golden Globes glow faded away last night, it was time to head back to my favorite ladies on Wisteria Lane. This week has more sweet moments than serious drama, and actually has a few relatable housewife issues (which is rare for Desperate Housewives these days). Gaby and Susan get competitive about their kids' intelligence, while Angie squares off against Danny's new girlfriend Ana. Meanwhile, it seems like Katherine is finally ready to leave her crazy side behind and Bree and Orson make a tiny bit of progress in their post-plane crash living situation.

Ready to break it all down? Just


Lynette: After an awkward dinner party with Lee and Bob, Tom gets the idea that he and Lynette should be in therapy. Though Lynette thinks therapy is for "self-indulgent wimps," Tom starts cataloging his marital problems anyway and seeing a shrink. Of course, Lynette can't let it go and decides to see Tom's therapist for herself to ensure that Tom's not calling her a bitch. It only takes a few minutes for the therapist to get Lynette talking (and crying) about her own problems, and admitting that she's mad at the world for losing one of the twins. I was actually expecting a few more hijinks from the Scavos this week (Tom's journal of grievances seemed so rife for drama) but the issue is actually extinguished before anything gets out of hand, and Lynette agrees to go to couple's therapy with Tom. Honestly, after all they've been through over the years, I'm surprised this is the first time it's come up!

Bree: Orson continues to make Bree's life a living hell by acting childish: demanding waffles, refusing to bathe, and the like. It's easy to sympathize with Bree at first since it seems like Orson is just being difficult to spite her, but when things come to a fever pitch, the truth comes out. Finally, fed up with Orson's stench, she drags him outside and hoses him down like a dog until he agrees to start being a little bit more polite about his constant requests. Orson finally levels with Bree, telling her how angry it is that he's going to have to be asking for things for the rest of his life. Bree quickly jumps off her high horse and begs for his forgiveness. Their relationship may be a huge mess at this point, but I'm glad that they still have a bit of connection there, since they are definitely going to need something to build on.


Katherine: Katherine is finally coming around and stars seeing a shrink of her own. She's clearly still in a lot of pain, but she admits that her meds have helped her determine what's real and what's a delusion. The only problem is that she's afraid to face her life now that she can see what's become of it. Mrs. McCluskey pays her a visit in an attempt to convince her to return to Wisteria Lane, but is isn't until all of the housewives — including Susan — show up that Katherine finds some hope. I'm skeptical about whether or not this is the end of Katherine's nutty side, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the writers can find something new (and less irritating) for her to do.

Gaby and Susan: With Juanita at MJ's school, it isn't long before Gaby and Susan start discussing — and comparing — their kids' curriculum. When Susan insinuates that Juanita has been placed into the "slow group" at school (aka the leopards), Gaby naturally goes on a rampage to get to the bottom of it. She eventually resorts to taking photos of Juanita's classmates homework (did this whole shenanigan seem like a cell phone ad to anyone else?) and decides that it's actually MJ who's in the slow group. When Susan and Mike are watching MJ get his hand stuck in the jar — it's pretty priceless (especially since it's a nice reminder that not everything is about the two of them all the time). Gaby and Susan reconcile in the end, and we never actually learn who was in which group./

Angie: Angie is less than thrilled when Danny brings Ana home for a big Italian feast — and surprise! — she doesn't eat carbs. The situation is worsened when Ana starts discussing her plans to skip college and go into modeling instead, and Angie immediately starts talking about Ana's eventual career in the porn industry. I was impressed that Ana's sass is enough to go head-to-head with Angie's own attitude, and in the end Ana sheds a bit of light on why she and Danny work as a couple, even though Angie still doesn't seem particularly excited about the whole idea.

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