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Desperate Housewives Rundown, "Would I Think of Suicide?"

Desperate Housewives Rundown, "Would I Think of Suicide?"

Orson may have been the one talking about suicide a few weeks ago, but on the latest episode of Desperate Housewives, Danny (or should I say Tyler?) and Katherine both come close to taking their own lives. Elsewhere on Wisteria Lane, the Scavos' feud with the Solises gets even uglier and Susan finally discovers Bree's affair with Karl.

It's all leading up to the big plane crash we've been hearing about for months, but for now let's recap all the latest scandal and drama. For more of my thoughts, just


Susan: After learning of Emily's death, Susan urges Julie to tell the police about her affair with Nick Bolen. Julie refuses, but agrees to switch cars with Karl so that she feels safer. Of course, Susan spots Julie's car at a motel and immediately assumes that Julie has taken up with Nick again. Upon further investigation, Susan discovers Bree and Karl's affair. Who else saw this one coming a mile away? I was only surprised that she doesn't burst into the room in typical Susan fashion.


Bree: Susan obviously can't wait to confront Bree about Karl, and she seizes the opportunity at a self defense class — while she has Bree in a choke hold. Bree tries to defend herself but insists that she's willing to sacrifice her friendship with Susan for her relationship with Karl. Susan has a sit-down with her friend and ex-husband and recounts all the times Karl wronged her during their marriage. When Bree admits that she loves Karl in spite of his flaws, Susan gives them her blessing and the three have a happy Hollywood ending — for now, at least.

Lynette and Gaby: Lynette is convinced that Carlos won't fire her, but when she shows up to work he's already given away her job and office, and moves her to an icky storage closet. She asks Gaby to intervene on her behalf, but Gaby refuses. Later, Gaby has a change of heart and she and Carlos agree to forgive their longtime friends. Of course, the reconciliation is too late and Carlos gets served as Gaby and Lynette are hugging across the street. Then the gloves really come off: Carlos gives Lynette an absurd amount of work to do, and when she goes to Penny's pageant instead, he fires her. Um, hello! Can't this be considered abuse, especially since Lynette is preggers? I'm still on Team Scavo for this one — she's just trying to protect her job and family while Carlos is acting downright malicious. What say you?

Katherine: Creepy Katherine hits new heights this week. Now that she's already failed to seduce Mike and threaten Susan, she's hedging her next best bet — little MJ. First she feeds him a sob story about how his mommy stole Mike away, and then she basically kidnaps him despite a very severe warning from Mike. Mike is obviously livid when he finds MJ at Katherine's house, and gives her a harsh speech about how he never cared about her at all. Honestly, Katherine is just beyond pathetic at this point, it's almost hard to feel bad for her. At the end of the episode, she calls 911 and says that she's "losing a lot of blood" — right before stabbing herself with a kitchen knife. It seems like the writers can't figure out what to do with her character, already. Might I suggest another death of a housewife? I think it's time.

Angie: Nick suggests that the Bolens move when he realizes that he could be implicated in Emily's death, but Angie likes her new life on Wisteria Lane and doesn't want to run again. There are a lot of allusions to the Bolens' checkered past — Angie definitely killed someone, and apparently Nick chose to run away with her way back when. Sooo, maybe he's not a total jerk after all? Meanwhile, Danny tries to ask Julie out yet again, but when Julie rejects him, he downs a bunch of pills. When he wakes up in the hospital, he tells the nurse his name isn't Danny, but Tyler. So uh, is he just tired of faking it or does he have amnesia? And why aren't his parents waiting for him in the hospital?

How'd you like this week's episode? Do you think Katherine will pull through? Do you even want her to? Who do you think will be a goner in the big plane crash?

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number6_ed number6_ed 7 years
I think Katherine is crazy, but I hate the way Mike acts like he never had anything with Katherine. Ummm... why did he propose to her then? The way the writers are doing Katherine is just wrong!
smileyface smileyface 7 years
I'm wondering if Katherine is going to say that Mike stabbed her? His prints are on the knife since he took it away from her. But I'm sick of her character too. They never found another good story line for her after the whole I replaced my dead daughter thing. Last season she didn't have much to do besides working with Bree at the catering company and then she started dating Mike and that gave her something to do, but everyone knew Mike would end up getting back together with Susan. So basically her time is up. I'm annoyed with Gabby and Carlos--Carlos more so than Gabby. I'm definitely siding with Lynette and Tom on this one.
Mercedes406 Mercedes406 7 years
I agree about Carlos! It wasn't so long ago that he wanted to spend time with his family! Carlos and Gaby bounced back pretty quickly...Team Scavo.
mndmay mndmay 7 years
Carlos is a jerk. Not so long ago he was down on his luck himself and now he is all ego trip again. It's pathetic. Speaking of pathetic--Katherine either needs to kill herself or get hit by next week's plane. I am proud/surprised of Susan, but I think Karl will end up cheating on Bree. Susan may be crazy, but she is generally about "her" men. Maybe Orsen will finally discover that Karl/Bree is much more than just a attorney/client relationship.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
I hope that Katherine dies, I am getting quite sick of her. Also, I am impressed that Susan is so cool with the Karl and Bree affair. I am quite disgusted by the way Carlos is acting.
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