37 Devil Wears Prada Moments That Are Still Totally Brilliant

Jun 28 2016 - 3:00pm

The Devil Wears Prada [1]'s 10th anniversary is this week, but we didn't need that to have a reason to celebrate. The movie is an instant classic, appropriate viewing for any time of year, and we're still as obsessed with the movie as ever. Meryl Streep [2] is icy perfection, Anne Hathaway [3] is her innocent foil, and Emily Blunt [4] — well, this is the film that introduces us to Blunt's comic genius [5]. To celebrate the ongoing fabulousness of this movie, we've put together the sassiest, best, funniest moments from the movie. (That's all.)

When We Meet Miranda Priestley

And Know Immediately to Fear Her

And Meet Her Devoted Assistant Emily

Who Knows Everything, Especially the Rules

And There's the Incomparable Nigel

And Love How Andy Keeps It Real at Her Interview

But Miranda Tears Her Down After Barely Looking at Her

And Makes Two Simple Words Sound So Mean

Then Dismisses Her With These Hands

But Then She Gets Pulled Back With the Best Eye Roll Ever

And the Fun Really Begins

You Love That Andy Doesn't Conform to Fashion Rules

And Is So Hilariously Clueless

But Starts to Hate Her Life Fast

Especially Because Miranda Really Is the Dragon Lady

Though You Love How Mean Miranda Is, Because She's So Casually Funny

You Laugh When Andy Laughs

And Cringe When She Gets in Trouble

You Know Miranda Would Make You Cry Too

Again, With Those Two Mean Words

But Then This Happens

Andy Starts Dressing For the Job She Has (And Doing Stuff Right)

Meanwhile, Emily's Every Other Line Is Brilliant

And Super Quotable

Even When She's Bruised Up

And She Even Masters "Shan't"

But Miranda Is Just as Quotable

I Mean, Don't We All Look For Opportunites to Say This?

And This

Or This

But You Know You'll Never Nail These Kind of Withering Looks

You Laughed at This Compliment

And at This Reaction

And This Insane Diet

Oh, Emily

But It Still Wraps Up So Perfectly

Got It? Good.

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