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Community Blabber: What Got You Talking This Week

This week was full of hot topics in entertainment. First up: True Blood. The show's, er, twist sent many of you into a tizzy, as you declared that the series had finally pushed the envelope to its breaking point. I pulled a few key reader comments, so check them out!

Sorry, True Blood, but that Lorena and Bill sex scene went too far!

  • "The Lorena and Bill sex scene was definitely hands down the most disturbing thing I've seen on this show. My mouth literally hung open until the previews for the next episode ended. Who in the world thought to have that happen? That person is sick in the head." — elramos
  • "I like this season, I still love the show, but this ending scene... Please! Absolutely gross, sick, sorry but this is too much. I hated it." — emiad
  • "Wow, that last scene with Lorena and Bill totally skeeved me out. It definitely belonged in a campy horror movie." — tlsgirl
  • "I wasn't a fan of that final sex scene at all. I was just staring at my TV like... 'Um. Ew. Ok.' I agree with others that it was just way too much." — postmodernsleaze

For more of the biggest reader cheers and jeers,


Should ABC give Cougar Town a new name?

  • "I've never watched it because the title sounds trashy and conjures up images of desperate broads... if the show's NOT about cougars they should really tell you that in the title, maybe it'd actually interest me." — weffie
  • "I think that by changing the name of the show, it would be 'jumping the shark' or whatever that phrase is. That's kind of the problem when a show evolves from what it was originally intended to be. I hope that whatever they do, that the show survives because it's actually really funny." — ilanac13
  • "I started watching the show because of the name! It's a great show, it's really funny." — Liss

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: should you read the books before seeing the movie?

  • "Do not read the book right before the movie because the movie will leave so much out and you'll get disappointed." — popculturewhore
  • "I always reread the books right before the movie and then get really frustrated too! I am thinking that I'll read it now, and then have a few months to 'forget' some of the details." — kmckay
  • "This looks amazing! Dark, intense and scary. I don't think I'll read the book before...because they change so much that it ends up annoying me." — anonymous
  • "I recommend NOT REREADING THE BOOKS!! I reread book 6 right before the movie, and it kind of ruined it for me since I was so fresh on Exactly What Happened In The Book." — runningesq

Will you watch or pass on another Lohan reality show?

  • "I won't set a reminder to watch it but I'll catch a few reruns." — PiNkY PiNk
  • "Ha, I will probably watch. LL is a trainwreck that you can't look away from....."— redchick152
  • "I refuse to support anything this family does." — kismekate

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jazzytummy jazzytummy 7 years
Mixed feelings about TB this year... way too many characters, and half not even remotely interesting. I think the writers and producers are responding to criticism about last season....most people I know thought the Mary Ann story line went on WAY too long, so I think now they are just throwing in tons of new characters without really thinking . Things that work for me- -More Eric, especially the flashback scenes with Godric. They are digging deeper into his character, which is interesting. -Bill going to Mississippi, potentially working for the Vampire clue where that is going. -Alcide character is way hot, excited to see what they do with him, hopefully won't just be another one longing for Sookie (see below) -Pam is becoming more interesting, hope they flesh out her character -Am curious about the Franklin character and what's with him Things that don't work for me- -Sick of Tara as perpetual victim and full of self-loathing, sick of Lettie Mae too...where is the kick ass Tara from the first season? -Sam's trailer park family....a whole bunch of new characters I don't give a rat's ass about. Make it more about SAM! -Sick of everyone dying with love for Sookie...Bill, Sam, Eric.... I am OVER it, bring in a really hot kick ass babe as some competition for that dumbass blonde. -Is Jason really going to be guilt ridden about Egg's death all season? If so, SNORE. Big waste of his abs and a$$. -Couldn't give a sh!t about Arlene and her baby -Sick of Jessica's rebellious teenager act Sorry for the rant, I love the show, just wish they would tighten it up a bit
hexentanz hexentanz 7 years
I agree that twisting her head around was a little yuck, but come on it fit perfectly to their love hate for each other!
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