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Is the Right Designer Going to Fashion Week?

Last week on Project Runway, the judges threw the final four contestants for a loop when they picked Seth Aaron and Emilio to go to Bryant Park, but told Mila and Jay that they had to produce entire lines to show them, and then they'd decide who would be the third to compete for the winner title.

Personally, neither of the collections blew me away, but I'm very disappointed with the judges' decision. Before I go into a full-on rant, I want to hear what you thought!

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glynislily glynislily 7 years
Mila was a one trick pony without any point of view. But, hey. We all know she will not win the whole shabang!
danizzle danizzle 7 years
mila is awful! im soooo bored with everything that she all looks the same and it is all retro and passe. jay is innovative and creating new designs, not taking us back 30 years. there is NO WAY she will win the whole show, if she does, im boycotting. i was so pissed off last year that irina won, and i cant handle another winner that doesn't deserve it. im on team seth aaron!!!!
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 7 years
I agree with everyone else. Mila's stuff was terrible! And that dress Jay made was alone better than anything Mila's done
jaymee024 jaymee024 7 years
No way - Jay's line was way more innovative!! Mila's stuff is nicely tailored, but Tim's right - it's matronly!
dannysf dannysf 7 years
So sad about Jay :(
bronzebeauty719 bronzebeauty719 7 years
i agree her model is the most annoying aspect of mila
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
Seriously??? Mila's work has never wowed me in a good way. Usually when I see her work, I'm saying "wow, that dress is bad." And her model pisses me off too. I really like Jay. :(
amofoz amofoz 7 years
Unbelievable! Are the producers just picking the wrong person just to piss us off??
bronzebeauty719 bronzebeauty719 7 years
never liked mila's stuff at all..
Lavinie Lavinie 7 years
No WAY! i don't get it! throughout the whole season i haven't thought that mila's work has been that great! and now they pick her to go to fashion week?! i was not impressed by her collection at all. i'm really disappointed by the judges. if she wins, i might actually have to give up on this show... grrr. :-(
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