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Discussion Questions For Water For Elephants

Book Club: What Did You Think of Water For Elephants?

Well, that's a wrap on my first book club book of the Summer, Water for Elephants. A light but engaging read, the novel following a young man who joins the circus in the 1930s proved to be a great story, leaving plenty to be discussed. I particularly loved older Jacob's happy ending (though I would have liked to hear more about his life with Marlena). I was also pretty shocked to learn that it's Rosie, and not Marlena, who lays the fatal blow into August's head. (It should be particularly interesting to see how this scene plays out on the big screen.)

So what are your final thoughts? Who was your favorite character? (I admittedly developed a soft spot for Walter and Queenie.) Were you surprised at the way it ended? Did you like that Jacob runs away from the nursing home or do you think the suggestion is too far-fetched, not to mention dangerous? I want to hear all of your reactions, complaints, and cheers!

kl71389 kl71389 7 years
I thought the end tied everything together nicely. I can't wait for the film adaptation!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I just finished the book and I also loved it, and loved the ending. But I was curious the entire way through why Jacob didn't believe the old guy that he carried water for elephants. I also loved hearing about how they raised kids and the chimp and the elephant at the farm. It was just a nice love story. Hopefully the movie delves into the love story a little more because I agree, it was somewhat weak but I think it had to be that way because Marlena was always so afraid of August.
Dr-G Dr-G 7 years
I really liked the book - flew through it. I really wish there was some closure on the altercation with the other guy who said he 'carried water for elephants'. What was his real story? I think Pattinson will be really perfect for this role, but isn't Reece too old? I'm not sure who I'd pick, but she seems to sophisticated or something. I loved the ending too - appropriate.
snowak snowak 7 years
Loved this book -- and so happy it was chosen. I already commented on it in another post... Now wondering... what are we reading next? Can't wait.
auntieem1 auntieem1 7 years
I really loved the book. The characters were really interesting. Loved Walter & Queenie. I would have liked to see more insight into the relationship with Marlena and their children. Felt horrible for him when his children forgot him. I thought it was fitting that he leaves with the circus.
tylerjack tylerjack 7 years
I like the ending and I also wanted to hear more about his life with Marlena, It also never went into more detail about him getting so upset with the other male patient. I was surprise about who put August down, I thought it was Marlena in the beginning.
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