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20 Disney GIFs That Accurately Describe Your Adult Life

Dec 23 2016 - 3:00pm

Disney movies captured our hearts and imaginations when we were kids, and it turns out that they can accurately describe the dilemmas and situations we encounter as adults. Don't believe us? We've gathered 20 GIFs from the Disney films of our childhood, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to the Toy Story movies, to help illustrate how we feel about the situations that pop up in our postkid years. Keep scrolling to see all the Disney moments, and prepare to get a big urge to watch your favorite animated films again.

When You're on Day Two of Your Cleanse

When You Finally Go Off Your Cleanse

When You Go Shopping at Forever 21

When the Cashier Calls You Ma'am

When You Get More Than 10 "Likes" on a Facebook Post

When Someone Knocks on the Door While You're Eating Alone

When You Finally Have a Saturday Where You Don't Have to Run Errands

When You Go to the Gym For the First Time in Three Months

When Your Co-Workers Go to Lunch Without You

When You Try to Subtly Check Someone Out

When Your Friends Cancel Brunch Plans at the Last Minute

When You Miss Your Train by 30 Seconds

When You Get a Hotel Room to Yourself on a Work Trip

When the Boss Says You Can Leave Early on Friday

When You See Someone Cute Moving in Next Door

When You Go Shopping With Your Friends After a Bottomless-Mimosas Brunch

When You Try to Read a "Real Book" While on Vacation

When You Roll Into Happy Hour

When Someone Wakes You Up Before 7 a.m. on a Sunday

When You Try Out a New Look From a Beauty Tutorial

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