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Do "Less-Geeky" Shows and Movies Belong at Comic-Con?

Do "Less-Geeky" Shows and Movies Belong at Comic-Con?

As I was putting together my schedule for this year's trip to Comic-Con, I noticed a few things on the list of options that were — how shall I put this? — not quite as geeky as the rest. Sure, the folks in Glee may be misfits, but that doesn't quite put the show in the same genre as Supernatural. One new Fall show — The Middle — seems to be there just because one character briefly wears a superhero costume. And I'm not quite sure why Weeds has a spot, though we did see Andy playing some vintage video games a couple of weeks back . . .

The bottom line is, Comic-Con is definitely not just for comics (or even for sci-fi, supernatural, and other traditionally "nerdy" genres) anymore. But is that a good thing? Should anything with a fan base — like The Office, which packed a panel room last year — be allowed to show? Or should Comic-Con be choosier about which shows and movies present?

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Renees3 Renees3 8 years
When they add all these dumb things I feel like they're taking away from the essence of Comic Con. I agree with Phil, this isn't just a promo tool.
RachLA RachLA 8 years
Didn't Comc-Con used to be really niche, like just comic booky stuff? It does seem like it's just a marketing ploy for all networks now. If I were a Fanboy I'd be pissed.
Phil Phil 8 years
Should definitely be pickier. The question organizers should ask is what the quotient of geekery is of the panel's subject? Weeds probably doesn't belong at Comic-Con (as much as I like the show, minus Nancy who's just become annoying; surely there's a 420con or some such). They need to find another convention (they exist, stop encroaching). Comic Con shouldn't primarily be a promotional tool, which is what many studios are using it as. Geeks don't need promotion. Geeks seek things that will interest them and would rather not be spoonfed by marketing and PR that doesn't totally satiate their geek spot. Anything else, anything that falls short of total geek nourishment with be met with overly-critical snark.
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