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Do "Less-Geeky" Shows and Movies Belong at Comic-Con?

As I was putting together my schedule for this year's trip to Comic-Con, I noticed a few things on the list of options that were — how shall I put this? — not quite as geeky as the rest. Sure, the folks in Glee may be misfits, but that doesn't quite put the show in the same genre as Supernatural. One new Fall show — The Middle — seems to be there just because one character briefly wears a superhero costume. And I'm not quite sure why Weeds has a spot, though we did see Andy playing some vintage video games a couple of weeks back . . .

The bottom line is, Comic-Con is definitely not just for comics (or even for sci-fi, supernatural, and other traditionally "nerdy" genres) anymore. But is that a good thing? Should anything with a fan base — like The Office, which packed a panel room last year — be allowed to show? Or should Comic-Con be choosier about which shows and movies present?

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