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Do You Prefer House's Old Team or His New Team?

Do You Prefer House's Old Team or His New Team?

House doesn't return for another couple of weeks, but Chicago Tribune writer Maureen Ryan just posted part of an interesting Q&A with creator David Shore, focusing on the subject of whether Cameron and Chase will be getting more screen time in these next few episodes. The short answer: no. The long answer: They might be in the show a little more, but they won't be rejoining House's team. He said:

Cameron and Chase are certainly not on screen as much as they used to be, but the stuff they’re doing, I think, takes on a different weight and a greater weight. . . . I don’t want to change the fundamental nature of the show and there’s only so many pages for us to deal with [character stories].

I loved House's storyline in the Fall where he interviewed for new fellowship candidates, but I'm starting to wonder if the show is going to continue on with Taub, Kutner, and Thirteen acting exactly as Cameron, Chase, and Foreman once did. If that's the case, why shake up the show at all? So, that leads to my question for you: Do you prefer House's new team, or would you rather watch the old dynamic?

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