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Whatever you think of Katherine Heigl, there's no denying she's one of the few current stars of screens both big and small. Grey's Anatomy, where she's recently agreed to appear on another season, is still a highly watched and talked-about TV show. And in theaters, all three movies with her in leading roles — Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and The Ugly Truth — have had at least respectable results at the box office.

This all has raised an interesting debate: Should Heigl flee TV for movies? Or should she stay on the small screen, where the roles are potentially meatier? This week, two critics weighed in: one saying Heigl should stay on TV, where she can play something more than "the postmodern shrew", another arguing that it's time for Heigl to pull a Clooney and say farewell to TV.

Do you think Heigl is better suited for TV roles, or should she milk her big-screen appeal?

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