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Should American Idol Do Away With Theme Nights?

I assume American Idol initially dreamed up theme nights to keep the show feeling fresh from week to week, but sometimes those themes just weigh it down. Take last week's movie songs theme, for example: two Bryan Adams songs and Bette Midler's "The Rose." Zzzz. Even Motown night wasn't great, and country night is usually met with a collective cringe.

And then there's tonight's theme: disco. Something tells me this won't be pretty.

All of this got me thinking: Do we even need theme night? We are voting for a current artist whose job will be to record modern hits in his or her own style after winning — and ultimately, versatility doesn't matter all that much. Should we just let the Idol hopefuls pick whatever songs they want each week to show us the kinds of contemporary artists they plan on being? Or is making them jump through theme-night hoops more fun?

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