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Does "Black Donnellys" Spell the End for "Studio 60"?

Is this the end for "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"? NBC has announced that "The Black Donnellys" will bump "Studio 60" out of its post-"Heroes" spot on Feb. 26 — a week earlier than originally planned.

A week wouldn't be a big deal — if it weren't a Sweeps Week. Not letting "Studio 60" finish out sweeps for itself certainly sounds like a sign that NBC is losing faith in the show. The network also still hasn't said when "Studio 60" will return: The press release claims it will be back "later this season on a date to be determined," which sounds less than committal to me.

The often-maligned "Studio 60" has had a bit of an identity crisis of late, focusing more on romance than on the goings-on of a late-night show. It's doing OK in the ratings — this week, for example, it got whupped by "CSI: Miami" but beat "What About Brian". However, it's also losing a ton of "Heroes" viewers, and that can't be making NBC happy.

Of course, NBC could just be giving "Donnellys" a boost by starting it post-"Heroes" before moving it somewhere else. But I think this sounds like a death knell for "Studio 60." You?


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In_my_own_way In_my_own_way 10 years
I really hope it doesn't get axed. I love the show! ('Course you put Bradley Whitford in anything and I'm going to watch it!) But, if you recall Sports Night was another Sorkin treasure that had a following, but was slow at the start and just didn't really take off and NBC never gave it a chance to really develop. It's a shame because Sports Night was awesome! The West Wing, while briliant, fueled the fascination of The White House, which is one of the reasons why I think it did so well (other than the fact that it had a stellar cast, fabulous writing and was so well researched!) Studio 60 is, hands down, my favorite show to watch but it's missing some of the magic that made the West Wing so popular with the masses. I know it cost money to make a show, keep it on the air, etc. but I think NBC is not giving Studio 60 a chance to develop beyond what they already have (Sorkin is famous for doing major character development early on . .well, that can take a while in a 1 hour drama!) and I don't think they've found the right time slot for it . .but they're not taking the opportunity to find the right time slot either, from what I've seen.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
I like Studio 60! Not sure that Monday is the best fit for it, though. I love me some Heroes, but maybe Black Donnellys would be a good fit afterward. They should kill ER* and move 60 into that spot. Keep my ass good and firm on that couch Thursday nights!! *I used to love ER, but the show just got LAME - it's either Sam or John Stamos, can't figure out which.
mmmmmm mmmmmm 10 years
I really don't want to see it cancelled either. It would make me very sad.
susanec susanec 10 years
I've never really gotten a chance to watch Studio 60 because I'm never home but the whole concept makes me miss Sports Night. Sigh.
yiddidea yiddidea 10 years
I will be really upset if this show gets cancelled. This is some of Matthew Perry's best work. I don't get why people aren't watching this show!
SingaporeSling SingaporeSling 10 years
I sure hope not. I really like Studio 60. The dialouge is sharp and witty (you don't find that too often on TV anymore!). And I think that Chandler um I mean Matthew Perry is really good in it. As is the rest of the cast. Why do the clever and smart shows always get the axe? True beauty shines from the soul and warms the world with its kindness, compassion , and integrity.
megmarmor megmarmor 10 years
I really hope not. I like Studio 60 a lot.
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 10 years
Aww I love Studio 60!!! I hope it isn't bumped off. It fills my West Wing needs. :D
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
The Sorkin formula that worked so well for West Wing politics just didn't seem to transfer to the behind the scenes intrigue of tv show production. I just never cared about any of the characters. It does sound as though the show is on its way out. Hope The Black Donnellys is good.
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