Is this the end for "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"? NBC has announced that "The Black Donnellys" will bump "Studio 60" out of its post-"Heroes" spot on Feb. 26 — a week earlier than originally planned.

A week wouldn't be a big deal — if it weren't a Sweeps Week. Not letting "Studio 60" finish out sweeps for itself certainly sounds like a sign that NBC is losing faith in the show. The network also still hasn't said when "Studio 60" will return: The press release claims it will be back "later this season on a date to be determined," which sounds less than committal to me.

The often-maligned "Studio 60" has had a bit of an identity crisis of late, focusing more on romance than on the goings-on of a late-night show. It's doing OK in the ratings — this week, for example, it got whupped by "CSI: Miami" but beat "What About Brian". However, it's also losing a ton of "Heroes" viewers, and that can't be making NBC happy.

Of course, NBC could just be giving "Donnellys" a boost by starting it post-"Heroes" before moving it somewhere else. But I think this sounds like a death knell for "Studio 60." You?