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Does the Internet Ruin the Fun of Movies?

In a recent interview with EW, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas debate the role of the Web when it comes to movies. Apparently, Spielberg has had a tough time keeping details of the new Indiana Jones film under wraps, and partially blames the Internet for ruining the element of surprise. Lucas, on the other hand argues it's not that big a deal, saying:

Y'know, Steven will say, "Oh, everything's out on the Internet [in terms of Crystal Skull details] — what this is and what that is." And to that I say, "Steven, it doesn't make any difference!" Look — Jaws was a novel before it was a movie, and anybody could see how it ended. Didn't matter.

First of all, it's kind of adorable to read about these two giants bickering like this. However, Spielberg's not the only Hollywood heavyweight annoyed with the Internet these days. Barry Sonnenfeld, director of Men in Black told a live audience: "I fear the Internet for so many reasons," and went on to say he thinks Facebook will bring about the fall of democracy.

The end of democracy aside, I understand how too much speculation and spoilers across the Web might be eroding the element of surprise in the theaters. On the other hand, fans hungry for certain films get to feed their obsessions online, which I assume is a good thing when it comes to building buzz. Do you think the movie experience is being ruined? Or is this the way of the future and filmmakers ought to adapt?


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