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Community Blabber: Everybody Loves Leo

In the wake of the release of Inception, Buzz readers gave props to Leonardo DiCaprio this week — but Zachary Levi wasn't showered with the same amount of love. While you all took a united front on some issues, the trailer for The Social Network got a varied reaction. Check out this week's hot topics!

Will someone please give Leo an Oscar, already?

  • "I've been a fan of Leo since i can remember being able to watch TV. And to think that he still has yet to be recognized by the academy is incredible. He is an outstanding actor. Which deserves an Oscar WIN." — yadiet
  • "I cannot wait til this guy FINALLY wins an Oscar! I couldn't tell you how many times i watched R+J and Titanic when i was young (or how many Leo pics were on my wall)." — redchick152
  • "It is an absolute crime that he does not have an Oscar yet. he's a phenomenal actor!" — superstar2780

To see the others, just


Zach Levi's work is cut out for him

  • "I love him as Chuck, but I can't see him as Superman. Brandon Routh was great in that role." — kimmieb124
  • "What happened to the Brandon guy that did it last time?! He was smoking hot." — Briandiesel
  • "I see him as too goofy. Alvin and the Chipmunks and Chuck....not Superman." — care0531

It's a hung jury for The Social Network Trailer

  • "I don't care if it's not accurate or melodramatic, this looks exciting, well-written, eerie — I wasn't sure what the deal was (I knew nothing about the book) but now that I see this trailer I am so excited to see the movie..." — lizlee89
  • "It looks interesting but I have a hard time taking any movie with Justin Timberlake seriously.I'll wait for it to come out on dvd." — kcmosinki
  • "This is the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't think I'll be paying to see it." — bethinabox
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
ahh i agree with everything said about Leo, just saw inception and the whole time he was mesmerizing. so amazing as an actor.
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