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Dollhouse Pilot Being Reshot — But Whedon Says Don't Worry

Dollhouse Pilot Being Reshot — But Whedon Says Don't Worry

On the (completely awesome — more about that later) set of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon gave reporters at the TCA press tour an explanation for his recent revelation that his highly anticipated new series is reshooting its pilot. The same thing happened with Whedon's Firefly the last time he worked with Fox — but Whedon told reporters that Dollhouse is in no great danger.

When Whedon turned in the first episode to Fox, "I could sense some hesitation about what I'd given them, and I understood why," he said. "I believe that first story works very well, but I also believe that their concerns about the audience coming into that world a little more simply were valid."

So, rather than try to re-cut what he'd already shot, Whedon proposed keeping that episode as a second episode and creating a new pilot that would introduce the characters in a slightly different way. "There are a lot of aspects of how [the characters] interact that we were planning on showing, and so what's a nice one to put up front?" Whedon said. "It was kind of nice to do a dry run and then say, 'What is absolutely the most iconic way to introduce this character, and this character, and this character?'"

Eliza Dushku, who was also there to show reporters around the set, joked that they also needed to reshoot because she didn't wear her leather pants in the original first episode (though her character did, apparently, make good use of the co-ed showers Whedon had built on set — and will again!).

Whedon and Dushku both seemed confident, and while I won't give away too many details from the set tour just yet, I will say that it was a very expensive-looking place that Fox clearly has a great deal of money invested in. But I'm wondering if this news makes any of you out there feel nervous or wary about the show's future. (If something bad does happen to the show, of course, there's already a legion of fans waiting in the wings to save it . . . )

Photo courtesy of Fox

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silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
If this show makes it past season 1 I'll consider getting into it. I'm still :/ over the loss of Firefly. And the way that Fox is advertising Dollhouse doesn't exactly move me. Whedon is a genius and Buffy ended at just the right time... But... I am not getting my hopes up for another show.
Neuroticone Neuroticone 9 years
I really want to see this series but when I look at the picture I just can't get over how tiny everyone is.
SoBourjois SoBourjois 9 years
I'm a huge BTVS fan but I never liked Eliza Dushku in the series or in anything else.
browneyedpoet browneyedpoet 9 years
That makes me nervous! I love Joss Whedon. The co-ed showers makes me think of Battlestar Galactica... but of course Fox is not Scifi so it can't be that raunchy...
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i hope it does well, i'd hate for another one of his shows to not get a fair shot! I am super excited to see this. :)
areitz areitz 9 years
I recommend reading Joss' blog post referenced above: As it turns out, Joss is actually a pretty funny writer! (who knew?)
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
I'm still really excited about this show, but I'm wary of Eliza Dushku. The only things I've seen her in were Buffy and Bring It On, neither of which was a real test of her acting chops.
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