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Dollhouse Season Finale Preview

TV Tonight: Dollhouse's Season Finale

Alpha is in the house! The former doll (played by Alan Tudyk) revealed himself on last week's episode of Dollhouse, and he's definitely the scariest character on this show by a landslide. His story is also the most fascinating to me: Back when he was a doll just like Echo (Eliza Dushku), all his pre-programmed personalities blended together one day, and he turned into a psychopath. He broke out of the dollhouse, killing a bunch of people and slashing up the faces of a few survivors. That face-slashing thing he does is so freaking creepy! Oh, and he's also a genius.

The preview for tonight's season finale shows the aftermath of Alpha's return and just how deep his obsession with Echo goes. The craziest part in the clip is Alpha sticking Echo's former personality, Caroline, into some random lady. So "Caroline" wakes up only to find herself in a strange body staring at, well, herself. Weird!

Are you still tuning in to this show? Are you sad to see it end? And how much do you want it to come back next season? To watch a preview for tonight's season one finale,


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