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Don't Forget! Log in for a Chance to Win a BookSwim Membership!

Don't Forget! Log in for a Chance to Win a BookSwim Membership!

It's Book Club day around here, so there's no better time to remind you about my July giveaway of $150 toward a membership at!

Every week this month, I'm giving away a credit toward a membership at BookSwim, which is a Netflix-type service for books. You can use the credit any way you want: Get five books at a time for six months, two books at a time for almost a year, whatever combination you prefer! You can read more about how the service works over here.

You still have until 5 p.m. PDT on Sunday to enter the first quiz, which is all about recent bestsellers. But if you're not up on your book trivia, don't fear: It doesn't matter how many questions you get right. Even if you miss them all, you're still entered!

Here's what you've gotta do:

  1. Log into your TeamSugar account (or register if you're not a member).
  2. Click here.
  3. Take the quiz!

And that's it! I'll post my second quiz on Monday, but what are you waiting for? Take this one now! For the official rules, click here — and good luck!


Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Of course there are ways to "borrow books for free instead of having to pay for it", but the recipient of this prize will also not have to pay for the books that they borrow. That's the point of this giveaway. I thought this would be a fun, positive thing to give as a prize. If anyone disdains this service so much (which might get people reading more than they normally do if they're like me and their local libraries are constantly out of the books they'd like to read), just don't enter the contest. It's that simple. Videos and DVDs are also available to borrow for free at many libraries, and yet, nobody seems to have a huge issue with Netflix. Why is this? What is the difference?
deanna024 deanna024 9 years
Hmmm ... If only there was a service that let you borrow books for free instead of having to pay for it ... hmm ....
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