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Dr Pepper for Everybody! (If Axl Rose Releases GNR Album)

The Random News Item of the Day title goes to this little tidbit from Billboard:

Many have tried, but so far nobody has been able to pry the decade-in-the-works Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy from the hands of lone remaining original member Axl Rose.

Now, Dr Pepper thinks it's up to the challenge. The soft drink company says it will give a free can of Dr Pepper to "everyone in America" (excluding ex-GNR members Slash and Buckethead) if Chinese Democracy arrives anytime during the calendar year 2008.

You might be wondering, as I was, "Huh? Why Dr. Pepper?" By way of hilarious explanation, Dr Pepper director of marketing Jaxie Alt patiently breaks it down:

It took a little patience to perfect Dr Pepper's special mix of 23 ingredients, which our fans have come to know and love. So we completely understand and empathize with Axl's quest for perfection — for something more than the average album. We know once it's released, people will refer to it as "Dr Pepper for the ears" because it will be such a refreshing blend of rich, bold sounds — an instant classic.

See, Axl? They get you. "Dr Pepper for the ears"! Now give us the dang album.

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kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
I've been waiting for Chinese Democracy to happen for ages. I'm still dumb enough to get excited when I hear a new release date. Phoey. I never thought I'd have a kid old enough to enjoy some GNR see a new release. I'm thinking now HE'LL have kids by the time this thing comes out!
linb linb 9 years
Dr Pepper? That is so random. If it is released this year, anyone want my can of DP?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Dr. Pepper for the ears = priceless. That's so awesome.
nancita nancita 9 years
Well at least someone understands Axl Rose! Axl, the people at Dr. Pepper love you! Hurry and finish that album so we can enjoy some free soda. Um...yeah.
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 9 years
Wow...i love Guns-N-Roses and Dr. Pepper...i really hope this happens!
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
There is absolutely no way Axl could make an album better than Appetite for Destruction. No. Way. And it must make him really angry to see Duff and Slash performing GNR songs with Velvet Revolver.
supertramp supertramp 9 years
I guess Jaxie is a big fan who just can't wait any longer, but seriously Axl better hope is album turns out good whenever he decides to release,maybe age 70, because it would suck to find out you worked so hard on something that wasn't even good.
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
Dr. Pepper for the ears! I laughed out loud on that one
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