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A&E Cancels The Cleaner, The CW Cancels The Beautiful Life

The Cleaner, TBL Canceled — Who Do You Think Is Next?

Two down, more to go. The Beautiful Life became the first new show of the Fall to be axed on Friday, and now A&E has canceled The Cleaner, Benjamin Bratt's drama about an interventionist. The Cleaner lasted two seasons, but The Beautiful Life? A mere two episodes.

We're still early into the Fall TV season, but it's not too soon to start calling the hits and misses (The CW was ready, after all). There are a couple shows I don't want canceled but I'm scared for (Community, will you last?), and ones I'm just waiting to hear the death knell for.

Cast your prediction here: what do you think will get the axe next? A new show that came in weakly, or a show that lasted a season or more and shouldn't be invited back?


Photo courtesy of The CW and Source

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