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JessMaln's Eclipse Movie Discussion

The following post is from JessMaln, who posted it on the OnSugar blog, Paranormal Romance Addicts.

I freaking LOVED Eclipse! It is now my favorite of all the three Twilight movies and in my opinion it was adapted really well.

    Here's what I really liked about it:

  • The makeup and special effects were much better than the previous movies
  • The fight scenes were epic!!!
  • That scene between Alice and Jasper as they were practicing fighting was sooo sweet
  • I loved watching the Cullens and the Quileutes teaming up to fight the newborns
  • Riley was really cute (sorry I really had to say this lol)
  • There was a lot of kissing between Bella and Edward. . . that scene in the bed, what can I say
  • I loved to watch Rosalie and Jasper's story. . . Jasper, Jasper. . .damn he was looking hot in this movie, all bad boy and stuff!
  • There was a lot more Edward
  • The proposal was so perfect, I had this silly smile on my face swooning all over Edward

To see this blogger's critiques of Eclipse, just keep reading.

What I didn't like that much:

  • Victoria, Rachelle portrayed a much scarier and badass Victoria. And her hair looked terrible!
  • When the vampires died it made a sound like glass breaking. . . I wasn't really sure what to think about that.
  • Eclipse is probably my favorite book in this series, I just don't like one tiny thing: Bella kissing Jacob. I didn't particularly enjoyed watching that (not exactly something I didn't like about the movie, I simply don't like it in the book), because it was like Edward proposes to her, five minutes later in the movie Jacob finds out about it and gets all pissed off and for some reason Bella thinks that by kissing him everything is going to be OK and Edward doesn't seem to care about it that much. . . whatever!
  • I hated when the movie ended and realized the 1st part of Breaking Dawn will be released on November 2011, seriously WTF??

Overall, Eclipse exceeded my expectations and I wish I already had the DVD to watch it again . . . well I guess I'll have to stop by the movie theater again this weekend.

P.S. Now seriously, wasn't that scene between Alice and Jasper the most adorable thing ever?!?

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