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2010 Biggest Headline: Eclipse Casts Its Shadow

It was just around this time last year that we were making our list of movies in 2010 that we were most excited about, and not surprisingly, one of the films at the top was Eclipse.

Promotion for Twilight's third installment started early with a teaser back in March, followed by a full trailer which debuted before Robert Pattinson's other big film of 2010, Remember Me. We were all too happy to dissect every little snippet of footage from the movie in anticipation for its arrival, but there were plenty of other juicy sneak peeks to keep us satiated leading up to the film's release. New photos seemed to come out daily, including a few steamy ones of Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting close (no wonder you voted them as one of your favorite movie romances of the year). The actors appeared together on the film's poster (which of course, you loved), but it wasn't until Summer that the Eclipse mania really picked up speed.

To relive more Eclipse pandemonium,


Obviously, the film was one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the Summer season, and the cast was virtually inescapable. We included both Pattinson and Lautner in our list of the steamiest Summer movie actors, and they kept popping up everywhere with new interviews, TV spots, clips, even music videos for the film. In June, the MTV Movie Awards jumped aboard the Eclipse train by debuting new footage, but we also got a little tease right on stage as Pattinson planted a smooch on Stewart — much to her embarrassment. The stars made the promotional rounds by appearing on a few magazine covers, but they also got together as an entire cast for a TV special hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Indeed, Hollywood had caught the Eclipse bug (the cast of Jersey Shore even made a funny Twilight spoof!).


Here at Sugar HQ, we counted down the final days before the film's premiere by sharing our favorite scenes from the book, fun quizzes, and Eclipse Watch 2010, a video series which included interviews with the stars and footage from the L.A. premiere. And then on June 30, the chaos reached a fever pitch. The film came to theaters, and right off the bat, it was breaking records for its midnight gross. But the reviews were decent too. Not only did we give it high marks on Buzz, but several of the Sugar editors weighed in with positive things to say about the film. The majority of you even deemed it the best Twilight film thus far. With fans rushing to theaters, the film easily won the box office in its opening weekend.

But, the real evidence of the film's popularity is that it's still a hot topic even now, months after its release. The movie recently came out on DVD, but its soundtrack is up for a 2011 Grammy. Even the stars of the film are still talking about it.

It won't be long now until the Breaking Dawn hype kicks into high gear. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg already told us about her vision for the film, and we've seen some steamy photos of the cast on set. While it doesn't come out until November of 2011, fans can be happy knowing that there are plenty of places to see their favorite Twilight stars in the meantime.

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