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Phil Phil 8 years
Do not shtup the best man before your sister's wedding, don't give a prolix speech directing attention toward your misfortunes at the rehearsal dinner for your sister's wedding, don't suicidally, apprehensively drive your car into a heavily wooded area after having a dramatic quarrel with your mother the night beforey our sister's wedding, but do pay attention to what you pull from the cabinet when the bride's father and the hubby-to-be are having a washing machine packing duel. Do not take mescaline, drive your car into a house where the wedding of your de facto mother and her accountant is soon to take place, subsequently killing a dog, endangering two children and injuring a priest. Feel free to go to rehab before the wedding. Do not trust a guy named Bill who looks like David Carradine and carries a katana to allow your wedding to take place. A thrilling, but surely exhausting, revenge narrative is sure to follow--assuming you survive the wedding.
Molly Molly 8 years
This list is hilarious, love it.
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