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Emmy Ballot 2012

2012 Primetime Emmy Awards

Current leaders

  1. holmetts (10 correct)
  2. kevinj (10 correct)
  3. jzagarjr (9 correct)
  4. Ajay-Gohil (9 correct)
  5. Sarabear (9 correct)
  6. Golden32 (9 correct)
  7. POOHPOOH (9 correct)
  8. petebudd (9 correct)
  9. liz313 (9 correct)
  10. StevenB606 (8 correct)

Fill out your ballot below, and if you predict the highest number of Emmy winners, you could be $2,000 richer! Make sure you're logged in to your PopSugar account, or create one for free (you need to be logged in before you fill out the ballot). Click here for the official rules, and good luck!

yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
read the Official rules there is an address where you can request for a winner list for the giveaways you entered and see if your name is on it, they do send it i have done it in the past. this is a honest website i can say that from experience. i've won before and they've contacted me.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 5 years
Random drawing or not, i've won more than once before...
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
there is only one winner and they only contact that winner not all ten, they do a random drawing with the top ten. the only reason you where not contacted is b/c you didn't win.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 5 years
Whats the point of even showing a scoreboard? The last time I entered I was one of the highest scores and they never even contacted me.
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
is there a list of the top ten highest scores?
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 5 years
These results blow chunks.
Shelly2306544 Shelly2306544 5 years
this was fun to go through and put your vote in.
Pam3249794 Pam3249794 5 years
That was cool
monidee8 monidee8 5 years
Neat contest. 
Janet3247897 Janet3247897 5 years
This was fun!
ALJRDavid ALJRDavid 5 years
They are all good actors and actresses hope I voted well.
HoughlandKristi HoughlandKristi 5 years
How do I summit
daisy1014 daisy1014 5 years
Fingers crossed! Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!  
zoom38 zoom38 5 years
would love to win
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
its a guessing game, i enter and never win.
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
i never seem to win its a guessing game for me, i dont watch half of those tv shows
Nancy2637805 Nancy2637805 5 years
I hope I win!
Sunnymay Sunnymay 5 years
This was fun.  Pick me.
mamaconnie mamaconnie 5 years
Would be a fun win.
Terri3209738 Terri3209738 5 years
hope i win:) kudos
mjw2285 mjw2285 5 years
why do my answers keep getting changed!!??
jenmacc jenmacc 5 years
LOVE! : )  
jaybird76905 jaybird76905 5 years
a1brainiac123 a1brainiac123 5 years
Hoping I was right !
thisnthat3 thisnthat3 5 years
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