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Emmy Breakdown: Outstanding Comedy Series

In the weeks leading up to the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards, I'll be looking at the nominees in some major categories and trying to predict who's most likely to win in these Emmy Breakdowns. We're into the last week of these breakdowns, so we're onto the heavy hitters. Today's category: Outstanding Comedy Series.

"Entourage" — "Entourage" has been on Emmy voters' radar for a few years now, but this is the first time the whole show — instead of a single actor or a technical achievement — has been nominated. It's consistently funny and a good reason to keep an HBO subscription now that "Sex and the City," "Six Feet Under" and "The Sopranos" are all gone. But it's also a relatively niche show, and I'm not sure it's ready for the big trophy just yet. Chance of winning: Low to moderate.

"The Office" — "The Office" is the defending champion in this category, and I don't know if any of the other nominees will be able to unseat it. Granted, this season was a little more uneven than the stellar second season that won it the series award last year, but the six episodes the show gave to voters — see the list here — were among the season's best. The show has also grown from a barely watched show into a bona fide cult hit, and while it still doesn't have the ratings prowess of competitor "Two and a Half Men," it's a show that people feel passionate about, which can count for a lot. Chance of winning: High.

For the other three series and their chances,

"30 Rock" — I'm thrilled to see "30 Rock" in this category, but I also think it's truly a "nice just to be nominated" situation. After just one season, the show hasn't had the chance to grow that "The Office" had, and I don't know that its brand of comedy will ever have a terribly wide appeal. That said, the six episodes the show submitted were, overall, some of the drop-dead funniest things I saw on TV all year. I hope the show's back here next year, when it could be a real contender to win. Chance of winning: Low.

"Two and a Half Men" — I think you all know my feelings by now: This is my least favorite show on the list of nominees. It's just not my brand of comedy. That doesn't mean it's not voters' type, though; it's worth noting that it's the only traditional, multi-camera, laugh-track comedy to get nominated, and voters must see something in it to recognize it in a field of mostly quirkier fare. It feels like the kind of show that could be a perennial nominee, though, and not necessarily a winner. Chance of winning: Moderate.

"Ugly Betty" — If there's a dark horse in this category, it's "Betty." The show had one of the best first seasons of any new show last year, and it already has a flock of Golden Globe, Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild awards to its credit. I'm a little surprised that some of the episodes the show submitted were on the more serious side ("East Side Story," the downer of a season finale, and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Marc's coming-out episode, are among them). They're great television, but if voters come looking for laughs, I think they'll be a little surprised. Still, if "The Office" doesn't repeat, I think "Betty" has a shot. Chance of winning: Moderate to high.

"Entourage" photo courtesy of HBO
"Ugly Betty" photo copyright 2007
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Join The Conversation
maxfashun630 maxfashun630 9 years
i would love for entourage to win but it probably won't happen because the shows i love never do!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
ugly betty!!!!
lucy76 lucy76 9 years
The Office should win.
Adrianne Adrianne 9 years
Rooting for Betty!
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
OFFICE BETTER WIN its way better than Entourfug
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Buzz, I agree with you about Two and a Half Men; it may be one of my least favorite shows of all times. The Office should win, but if not, Ugly Betty should be next in line.
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
Ugly Betty is an over-rated yawn fest. I watched the entire first season, but in the end I was practically forcing myself to watch. The Office will win, but the rest of the nominees (minus Ugly Betty of course) are completely worthy. Just my opinion - hold your tomatoes please. :)
misslarue misslarue 9 years
The Office! My fave show on TV!
mellafe mellafe 9 years
The Office! Why is "Two and a Half Men" still getting nominations? Are there really no other comedies out there? That show is sooooo boring!
krock19 krock19 9 years
I think Office actually wasn't as good as its been... granted the season finale was phenomenal. So I think its got the best chance of winning. I'm actually pretty outraged that Scrubs was not nominated - because I think it had its best season yet. But I think its typical of the Emmy's to get thing wrong.
Allygator Allygator 9 years
I'm rooting for The Office, but if anyone can beat them, I'd have to go with Ugly Betty
megnmac megnmac 9 years
I think the Office should get it, it has the comedy and it has the heart. Ugly Betty is a critic fave and really does seem to be the potential upset. And I really agree that 30 Rock just hasn't grown or settled into itself yet. I didn't watch it at first, but fell in love with the reruns (her bf on to catch a predator is hilarious!).
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
The Office is definitely going to win.
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