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Focus Features’ epic love story One Day, in theatres on August 19th, chronicles the love, laughter and friendship of a relationship 20 years in the making. It’s the tale of two friends, Emma (played by Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (played by Jim Sturgess), who after meeting on the day of their college graduation begin a friendship that lasts a lifetime. We get a peek at their relationship once a year on the same day of their first meeting, July 15th. Their reunions reveal that what they had always longed for in love and life was in fact right before them. Directed by Lone Scherfig (known for her work on An Education) and featuring original music by Elvis Costello, it’s a film that you will absolutely get carried away with. And while you’re basking in the romance, get swept off your feet with an amazing spa getaway!

One Day offers you the opportunity to win a relaxing “one day” getaway at a spa near you. You’ll also receive an amazing “One Day Summer Beach Kit” including everything from a towel to a cosmetics bag. Entering is easy, just comment below about a time you’ve been swept off your feet!

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chapina chapina 5 years
I was swept off my feet 18 years ago! I had just had my daughter, and ballooned to 200 pounds and my ex said I was too fat for him! So, I went to GUATEMALA, and after a couple of days of being there, I met a man that had a "SIX PACK", I could not believe that he would be interested in me, and we had a whirlwind romance for 10 days! He was a gentleman, open doors/carry me (yes he carried me!! when it rained and it was muddy) and just accepted me for who I was, and when I asked why he was OK w/ it, he answered "If you're OK w/ it why shouldn't I?" that stayed w/ me all these years :)...Because it didn't last, but he confirmed that my daughter's father was "NOT THE ONE" your mate should be more than OK w/ the way you look!
care0531 care0531 5 years
I was swept away for the first time when I fell head over heals in love with my husband of 10 years! The feelings I felt that first night were so unbelievable that I knew right away he would be my husband one day!
jnklein99 jnklein99 5 years
I was swept away when I when I went on a first date with a boyfriend--went to so many different places--the movies, dinner, to the beach...all in one night. Totally swept me away...and then we kissed...and that's how it all started.
Emily4795 Emily4795 5 years
I do long distance so anything that he really does when I see him sweeps me off my feet but one time when we were on vacation he was leaving before me and he called to tell me to go the airport gift shop after I go through security. I get there and the nice lady working at the counter told me he had bought me a bracelet. I haven't taken it off since and he certainly swept me off my feet with gesture.
Kyley Kyley 5 years
My boyfriend of 2 years sweeps me off my feet on a daily basis with his kind words and actions and occasional payday flowers never hurt either!
staryeyes723 staryeyes723 5 years
I woke up one morning after my boyfriend left for work. On the night stand next to me was a jar full of reasons why he loved me. Swept me right off my feet!
aliintern aliintern 5 years
My next door neighbor growing up moved to the city where I live now and he's just remained the perfect attentive boy next door. He sends me flowers on a weekly basis and I've just been swept by this blast from my past.
Linda2000 Linda2000 5 years
When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband surprised me with a trip to St Thomas. He did all of the planning by himself. Totally surprised and delighted me.
GoGoGazelle GoGoGazelle 5 years
I was swept off my feet recently when, after a bad day, I received mystery flowers in the mail from a secret admirer! I later found out who they were from and I was swept off my feet even more!
dorothyjean dorothyjean 5 years
When we couldn't be together for our first christmas and the Christmas card arrived I knew he was mine
MissClo MissClo 5 years
I absolutely LOVED the book! can't wait for this movie!!!
ephuong ephuong 5 years
when we got married and our family was there!
HelloChris HelloChris 5 years
Taken away on a surprise trip with my boyfriend.
anowacki anowacki 5 years
I was swept off my feet when my boyfriends asked me to marry him. I didnt see it coming.
kejtio kejtio 5 years
I'm so excited to see this movie, and I would LOVE a spa day to go with!
swisspotluck swisspotluck 5 years
I was a camp counselor at a summer camp for underprivileged kids from NY city. He was working in the kitchen across the lake on the boys' side of the camp. At night most of the counselors and the staff would all meet at the lodge to relax and wind down. I met him there and we always seemed to end up hanging out together. Being young, our relationship progressed quickly. Picking up the letters at night, I would often find love notes from him slipped in with the rest of the mail or waiting for me at our group's table in the dining hall. Occasionally I would have one passed to me via another counselor. It was all terribly romantic. One morning I woke up to find a coffee can with a water lily floating in it and a beautiful heartfelt and charming love note next to it. It was right near my bed at the edge of the open air lean-to He had sneaked over from across the lake to leave it for me. It was at that point in our relationship that I was "swept away." That was over 20 years ago, but the memory remains vivid.
amandam88 amandam88 5 years
I was swept off my feet when my best guy friend of four years admitted that he too had feelings for me. We had a class together our first year at University, and grew very close. But it had seemed as if we had past the relationship mark. After growing into our own persons, we found that we had grown, but had also grown to be part of each other on a more romantic level. :)
Stephcsun Stephcsun 5 years
Best date: Sitting on rooftop in Boston under the City sign drinking wine, having a nighttime picnic, and listening to city sounds. It wasn't even about were I was but who I was with. Unforgettable night
Kaprice429 Kaprice429 5 years
I can honestly say I was swept off my feet a little over 3 years ago.. Was at a family picnic and my cousin brought his friend and we were just hanging out and talking- nothing special... It came time for fireworks and as I looked around, I saw my new "friend" was no where to be found- as sad as that made me I figured well it was great netting him even if for one day.. The next day my cousin called and said his friend wanted my number which elated me ... Day after day the calls starting lasting longer and longer.. 3 weeks later my two best friends and I drove 2.5 hours to go see my new favorite guy... He liked at them and then at me and asked me to come upstairs because he had a surprise for me.. I had my two friends come with me because I was nervous.. In a teen love kind of way.. He laughed and allowed them to go into the room first and as I walked in.. There was a Teddy bear holding 2 things in his hands.. One was a long stem single rose.. In the other hand was a scroll of papers.. As I opened the scroll.. It was a stack of letters and poems he had written to me every day since we met.. He said I always made him nervous and speechless on the phone but there was so much he wanted to tell me.. We continued a long term relationship for a few months and we realized then we wanted to sound the rest of our lives together... About 3 months into dating I was at his house and he said he left something important on the coffee table.. As I went to get it it was a ring sized jewelry box.. I started to giggle and sweat from nerves as he looked me dead in the eyes .. Opened the box and said marry me? Of course I started to say yes then looked down to see a ring made of paper with the words "forever my wife" written on the inside of the ring... 3 years layers he is my amazing husband and that paper ring sit on my bedside table and I giggle when I look at it.. Would love to win but am just happy to share my story
katyanne21 katyanne21 5 years
My husband swept me off my feet and took me to Italy for our first anniversary.
CharmedDolly CharmedDolly 5 years
A time Ive been swept off your feet::: I met up with my then boyfriend in Australia to see his family. Spent two wonderful weeks with him and his friends. Before having to leave him to come back to the States alone. It was sweet and an experience Ill never forget!
gatormomx2 gatormomx2 5 years
I was swept off my feet by my first born child. Talk about magical love at first sight!
orchidlady01 orchidlady01 5 years
One of my first boyfriends was from Australia and my sister and I called him Handsome Harry. Between his good looks and accent, I got totally swept off my feet.
hofken hofken 5 years
I was swept off my feet by my husband on our wedding day
CatFace2275 CatFace2275 5 years
I was swept off my feet on my first Valentine's Day with my now boyfriend of 3 years. He sent me a dozen roses to my work with a note that said "Happy Friday the 13th." I am a HUGE scary movie, so he sent me flowers one day early to celebrate :) It was very thoughtful and sweet and I knew he was a keeper.
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