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Enter to Win $500! RuPaul's Back and Fierce as Ever (3 Snaps in a "Z" Formation)!

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RuPaul makes another glorious return to Logo with the biggest, glitziest, campiest reality competition show on TV. Season three of RuPaul's Drag Race premieres Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. on Logo and brings you a brand-new cast of sassy queens, all vying for the coveted title of America's Next Drag Superstar. So start your engines because this season the camp is campier, the drag is drag-ier, and the drama is FANTASTIC (obviously).

Mondays are a drag, so join Ru, the girls, and a star-studded roster of celebrity guest judges for this (outrageously) fun and (sometimes) unpredictable dramatic series every Monday night!

Tell us how you put the fabulous in fierce below and be entered for a chance to win $500! (Also, check out the video below for some sweet tips on how to bring it . . . the standards are stiletto HIGH, ladies! Don't forget to dragulate yourself at!



Official Rules

pwhite98270 pwhite98270 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by not putting up with the drama of life. I do let people feel the consequences of their actions and not rescue them unless they are in danger.
nycactres80 nycactres80 6 years
I put fabulous in fierce by working my rain boots in this wintery mess.
bfslmh bfslmh 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by being friendly and nice
randibear2 randibear2 6 years
I'm fabulous! Fun-tabulous! I'm my own biggest fan, I have to be, There's just one me, No one can love me like I can, It took a while, Ru you know chile!, I feel like I been set free! So dragulate, Or snapulate, I'm coming on the scene, 'Cause when it comes to fierce, Just stop right here, I'll give you 10 snaps if you pick this QUEEN!
jkingqm jkingqm 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by putting one foot in front of the other each day!
kiyana kiyana 6 years
I put fabulous in fierce by being free & me!
carcat2 carcat2 6 years
I put fabulous in fierce by trying new things even if I don't think I can do it.
sfliving sfliving 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by staying healthy and working my own style with confidence!
christian3255 christian3255 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by empowing the high school cheerleaders I coach!
speedi25 speedi25 6 years
How i put the fabulous in fierce is by staying strong, smart, and funny.
zeze zeze 6 years
Not being afraid to go against the grain every now and then, and equally as important, not being afraid to go with the grain when it's appropriate.
sammysmom71 sammysmom71 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by creating my own unique style...and realizing that my character is the greatest accessory I have!
lisa036 lisa036 6 years
You go girl! I've loved you since you sang 'you better work' !!
RobsGirl123 RobsGirl123 6 years
I put the fabulous in fierce by staying fit, happy and confident!
camper223 camper223 6 years
My hubby doesn't provide basically anything for me I'm living day to day I get food money by family Through this all I'm staying confident that somehow I'm going to make it It just takes time People say physical abuse is a crime but what about neglect and emotional abuse people tell me get a job I'm unable to work because of health So my Z is don't give up, stay strong stay focused on your dream
kggee1 kggee1 6 years
I Put the Fabulous into Fierce by being me.
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