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"Evan" is Almighty at the Weekend Box Office

"Evan" is Almighty at the Weekend Box Office

Not only can Steve Carell get animals to board an ark — he can also entice people to go to the movies. Carell's Evan Almighty took the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office, bumping The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer from its temporary throne. But Evan didn't exactly attract a moviegoing flood of Biblical proportions. Considering that it was said to cost at least $175 million to make, chances are the movie's estimated $32.1 million take wasn't exactly the miracle its producers were hoping for.

Possibly the biggest surprise of the weekend was the John Cusack thriller 1408, which edged out Silver Surfer to take the No. 2 spot with just over $20 million. Variety notes that more than half of its ticket-buyers were women — maybe because it's a creepy but not gruesome horror film, maybe because John Cusack is just kind of awesome.

A Mighty Heart, on the other hand, took in just $4 million to finish in the No. 10 spot. Was the weighty biopic just too heavy for a breezy summer weekend?

Other notable results: Ocean's Thirteen nabbed the No. 4 spot with $11.3 million, while Knocked Up finished in fifth with more than $10 million, bringing its total for the summer to almost $109 million — which, incidentally, is about how much Judd Apatow's The 40-Year-Old Virgin raked in overall. Those Pirates brought in another $7 million to finish at No. 6. Surf's Up, Shrek the Third and Nancy Drew rounded out the top 10.


nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 10 years
A mighty heart flopped as well. noone is going to choose to watch the story of a beheaded journalist and his wife over a comedy. Not many people in america or the world care and that's a very sad but true fact.
death-of-marat death-of-marat 10 years
this is an awfully overly-positive post! By all intents and purposes, the movie flopped! 32 million is less than even Norbit made during its opening weekend, and this movie probably cost 1000 x as much.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I'm a journalist and I love Angelina Jolie -- but I have no desire to watch a movie about a woman dealing with the fact that her reporter husband is kidnapped and beheaded. I watched a documentary on Daniel Pearl and that was enough. God bless him. I can't sit in a theater eating Twizzlers and sucking down a Coke at this movie. It should have been released in the fall for an Oscar bid, not during the frothy summer months.
xo_verity xo_verity 10 years
I knew "Bruce" would take the top spot at the boxoffice! I think "A Mighty Heart" probally rakes in more money when if Angie gets nominated for an oscar or golden globe for her portrayal of Marianne (which she probally will!)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
A Mighty Heart probably does suffer from the weighty subject matter. How unfortunate.
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