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Not Even Lifetime Can Save October Road, Men in Trees

These days, it seems like the first move for a network series that's in danger of being canceled is to find a cable network or other partner that's willing to take it on. See: Law & Order: Criminal Intent moving to USA from NBC last year, or Friday Night Lights trying to get a deal with DirecTV to bring it back.

So I guess it's no surprise that ABC wanted to shop its low-rated Men in Trees and October Road to another network. It's not even surprising that they chose Lifetime, which is also owned by Disney. But what's a little shocking is that Lifetime said no.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, network executives reviewed the tapes of both shows but decided to pass on picking them up, leaving the shows in limbo. The paper reported that Men in Trees still has support at ABC proper (not that it's obvious from the way the show's been treated there) and could return for a third season on the network — but it sounds like this was the final nail in the coffin for October Road.

Both shows have been ratings duds this year: October Road's most recent episodes got just 4.7 million viewers, and Wednesday night's Men in Trees pulled in 5.8 million people. But they both have fervent fans, and there must be something to like about them for ABC to want to save them at all. So, fans, this is your chance: Why do Road and Trees deserve to come back? Sound off below.

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nicole100 nicole100 9 years
i really hope they don't cancel october road it's a really good show..n i think that more people could deff get into it mayb if it was just advertised a little more n people really saw it for what it is...the show has yet to disapoint me...i'd be disapointing to see it be let go...
hey216479 hey216479 9 years
OCTOBER ROAD is awesome. It is my favorite show by FAR. I can't believe that ABC cancelled it after giving it 2 very short seasons and NO PROMOTION at all. I never saw it advertised. Some of my friends didn't know it came back for season 2 until it was 4 weeks into it. October Road still has fans talking about the season 2 finale and it's been off for 3 months. BEST SHOW...can't believe the mistake these networks are making. Write letters to ABC and let them know. Lifetime should have picked up both of these series. Men in Trees was a cute show too,
MegganKofCali MegganKofCali 9 years
So, Life time is crazy not to pick up these two shows. The problem here is that ABC never gave these show's a chance. I think the formula for success in a new show is this. 1. A sold time slot with no movement from it. 2. Promoting the new show everywhere you can and cross promoting it. 3. Give the show a sold 12 episode committment with no breaks. 4. expect the ratings to be low, but look for them to climb as the show progresses. 5. If the show as a sold fan base of at least 3 millions viewers, stick with it, don't give up on it! ABC did none of these things for October Road and Men in Trees. ABC could of cross promoted both these show's on Dancing with the stars, like they did for the Bachelor and Desprate House Wives, but they didn't. What did ABC do, they promoted October Road almost never! They moved it twice and kept it at a late time slot. They didn't promote October Road's music, dvd sales, or iTunes. They didn't value the core group of 3 millions fans that watched it every week, of course there were more but I'm round my number to a nice 3 million for this argument. ABC, I hear, moved Men In Trees, six different times. Thats crazy! You have to give the viewers a chance to find the show! You have to give the viewers a heads up when you say, ABC, that you don't think you are going to bring the show back for a second season. You have to give October Road credit, it had only 6 episodes its first season and it was a mid season replacement. But it came back with 13 new episodes and it was high in the DVR ratings. Plus it was always in the top 20 of over all ratings. And its fan base was growing. Word finally got out about mid Feb. that October Road was in real trouble. The fan's jumped on this. They started campaigning to get the word out about this little show that could. Donating S1 dvd's to libraries and soldiers over seas. Signing petitions, writing, emailing, get press coverage. ABC at the end of it all in May said, we fans/viewers/roadies of October Road were not the audience they were hoping for. ABC said we were just a "small core group of fans" that didn't merit the return of a third season. October Road is a high quality relationship drama that speaks to the 20 something and 30 something generations. With its great music frome the past and present. It's cast of characters should of been promoted as an ensemble not just Brian Greenberg and Laura Prepon, love them though! October Road was and is one of the most original show's ever to come on to network t.v. and ABC didn't do right by it or it's fans. We are still fighting for these shows. Lifetime should still pick them up. They should package them together. They should run re-runs of both Seasons of these show's this summer and bring them both back in the Fall. I garantee that if Lifetime or ABC/Disney did these things the ratings for both the shows would be in the double digits! Come one someone out there has to care what 3 million viewers think?? MK
chelkee chelkee 9 years
I can not believe the ABC canceled October Road. I have watched from the very beginning and it is one of my two favorite shows. ABC is making a huge mistake because with a better time slot and actual advertising this show would have had major success. I am equal puzzled that another network would not jump at ABC's mistake and not grap this show up. Is there anyway to change their minds. I can't not let this show go. Please!!
saveoctober saveoctober 9 years
You dont sit an see to much family tv,or friends you can depend on about things that can happen in real life...October gives you that. Cheating with your friends girl, him forgiving you..that takes guts an it HAPPENS in life, but the thing is when you have a really bad day who do you want by your side at the end of it ? Family or friends thats who....that is October Road, Hanna is still there for Nick even tho she's marrying Bobcat, Nick is there for his dad (knowing he runs in hard times ) he stayed for his dad. The lines in the story jsut got really good an complicated. Please find a home for this show Its home to me ,I come home from a hard day an stay up late just to see this show, it gives me a inner peace at the time I watch it, and excitement for the next weeks show. Think back to when you had a show that did that for you....I bet its been awhile......... Keep these two shows I like MIT too,but Oct warms me .MIT is a good time passer with funny moments.
Kate-Elmo Kate-Elmo 9 years
Men in Trees is my all time favorite show. I am a married, Mother of three children and a full time college student. I look forward all week to watching My Show. I can't believe ABC has the Nanny on tonight but not Men in Trees. This is a travesty for certain. I can't stand the Nanny. The idea that families turn to National TV to learn how to monitor their children's TV and video time is ridiculous. I truly hope that ABC stops their false advertising. The Men in Trees site still states that it is scheduled for Wednesdays 10/9c but it is obviously not airing tonight. Why???? 5.8 million dedicated viewers is not enough? Please at least let us know when the next episode will air. I loved this season so far and am captivated to see what comes of Marin and Cash's kiss. I can't wait to see if Annie and the ice skater hook up or will Patrick come to his senses while he's in New York and realize his love for her. Buzz and Mai have to patch things up. Please, please don't leave us hanging. This is an awesome show that I am completely hooked on. I love the characters, they have become like family since the very first episode. If you haven't already watched Men in Trees, check it out.
luckykarma luckykarma 9 years
I love October Road, the storyline is great and it always keeps me coming back. I hope they don't cancel it like they did with What About Brian? I loved that show and they just cancelled it out of no where. There should be a way to count viewers who DVR the shows and watch them at a later time. I CAN'T WATCH ALL THE SHOWS I WATCH WHEN THEY AIR, I WORK FULL TIME AND GO TO SCHOOL FULL TIME!!! I watch all of my shows on my free time outside of school and work so I think they have more viewers then they calculate for some of the shows they just "willy-nilly" cancel.
328CJ 328CJ 9 years
For me October Road has filled the spot that Ed and Providence previously held. I like the "going back home" theme that all three share. I like the realness of October Road. It's not a sappy soap or some far fetched theme every week, it's more about real life. I am sick of reality shows and game shows. If this show gets pulled before it's given a fair chance (I agree with whoever stated earlier about not even knowing it was coming back and no reruns to catch up etc....) then I have just about had it with the main three networks. Just go ahead and stick to comedies and reality then because I am tired of giving my time to drama shows that I watch, seeing the characters develop, following story lines only to have them disappear again within a month or two. Sometimes they come back six months later. Then I go through all the catch-up and get back into it only to have it gone again in a month. It's getting ridiculous. I agree, there are too many unanswered questions and I for one would feel cheated after following the scheduling and waiting to just have it yanked away.
jeddiefan jeddiefan 9 years
October Road deserves a FULL season to show its stuff, not the pitiful 6 eppy first season followed by a 13 eppy second season with a move to the worst tv viewing night of all, Monday. I've been hooked from the very start but even I can see that this show has steadily improved from when it began and the season two finale episode was outstanding with just awesome music! October Road just needs to be given the same chance as most of the other shows get and it will be able to pull away a winner for ABC. A lot of the powerhouse shows started out slow too, like All in the Family, Seinfeld, and Dick Van Dyke. Besides, if you've followed the show at all then you would know about "Jeddie" and how the network just can't leave their breakup like that!
jillcbu jillcbu 9 years
October Road has evolved so much since season one. I have been a fan since the first episode, but the episodes keep getting better and better. Juju you really are missing out. The show went from cliche lines (which I still enjoyed) to amazing wit! Some of the one liners this season (2) are priceless. Even the characters have become multi faceted. The show is so much more than "Who is Sam's dad?" It has real substance and charisma! Give it another shot, for your friend and for the show. YOu will not regret it. The season 2 finale is one of the best episodes!
AutumnStreet AutumnStreet 9 years
October Road is the best show I have seen in a long time. It has an amazing cast with great chemistry. It has story lines that are meaningful, unlike many programs that rely on shock value. It makes me laugh, cry, smile, think, and always feel good at the end, even when I watch an episode again! October Road should be given a fair chance: Lots of promotion, and a good time slot, for instance, how about 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday? It deserves another season, and the viewers deserve not to be left on a cliffhanger. If you haven't seen this great show already, buy, rent, or borrow the season 1 DVD! You'll be hooked like me!
Roadie1 Roadie1 9 years
October Road should not be overlooked. It is quality tv and if ABC or Lifetime or another network wants viewers then they should go and view all the message boards at Heyneilson, october road and see the overflowing of affection viewers have for this great show. A season 3 is a must and proper advertising would help get more people to realize about this great show. The characters and the sense of home is a great feeling when viewing this show.
texasoctroadgirl texasoctroadgirl 9 years
October Road is one of the best shows out there...It has genuine characters and storylines...I think it could thrive in a better time slot...We have some many people campaigning for this show...Just check out the ABC message boards and you'll see what I'm talking about!!! We love October Road and it needs to stay on the air!!!
OctRoadster OctRoadster 9 years
October Road is a diamond in the ruff and by no fault of it's own it has had to struggle to shine. Given a writer's strike, a less than desirable timeslot, and a serious lack of still managed to capture the hearts of many (just not enough for ABC). The fans (we Roadies) are a dedicated group. We're spending a lot of time and energy trying to promote and save this show (not complaining, we do it with love). Just pointing out that the network should take a more active role. ABC, it's your baby, don't you want to raise it? Please get season 2 out on DVD asap. This along with our season 1 promotion will insure a larger audience for season 3. And season 3 is what we're all about here!
avongal avongal 9 years
Absolutely love October Road. This show deserves to have a full season to give it the proper chance at thriving. Six episodes the first season and 13 the next isn't enough for it to show the networks it has a place. Most businesses need at least three years before they begin to show a profit, and it isn't expected of ANY business to show one before that. Why should a series be any different? In the eyes of networks, this is a commodity, something to be sold. It needs it's third year!! Help save the road by participating in the Save October Road campaign. Visit message boards to learn how! Help save the Road!!
Captiva Captiva 9 years
I LOVE October Road! It's my favorite show on TV. Take off some of those stupid reality shows and promote this show a little! All those unanswered questions. Will we ever know if Sam is Nick's son. Or could he be Eddie's son? Please, Please, find a spot for this show. We love it so much! I look forward all week to Monday night because I love these people.They are so real and so interesting. I cannot believe with all the crap on TV that this one good show has to be taken off the air. Can't someone please find a place for it somewhere? Don't take my favorite show away!
carebaer carebaer 9 years
October Road is the best show I've ever seen. It has a great cast, music, and story lines. There is so many unanswered questions that the audience needs to know before they cancel it. I really hope they bring back October Road.
christineq christineq 9 years
I watch both these shows. I like Men In Trees but I LOVE October Road. I really hope that ABC brings back both, but I will be devestated if they cancel October Road. If you take a look at the message board on, you will see I am not alone in this! Please Save October Road! Christine
Blush_Blonde Blush_Blonde 9 years
Love both of these shows, October Road and Men in Trees, both shows are unique and entertaining to watch. The characters and stories are very engaging. PLEASE SAVE THESE SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marciaf51 marciaf51 9 years
I would like anyone who supports October Road to come and visit the ABC boards with us. Also you can make comments to help save this show on We are trying to get as many comments on as possible. Thanks
marciaf51 marciaf51 9 years
I am not quite sure why they are taking October Road off the air. It has a lot of supporters out there that want it left on the air. It is a great show with unique and interesting characters, interesting storylines that keep you guessing and great music. I am not quite sure it got a fair handshake as it always started after the season began and most people were already watching their shows. I do know that people are discovering it now and are loving watching the DVD. It seems that we always have the same reality shows on when there are other people wanting other shows to watch. I also know that there have been groups of people that watched this show instead of watching by themselves which would indicate that there are lots of supporters for this. I wish ABC,Lifetime, or CW would give this show a chance. If you check the boards and HeyNielsen site you will see that this show could be very popular if given a chance. Also I always watched this show and very rarely saw it advertised with clippings to gather interest like other shows. So please ABC give this show a chance to be a hit show. I know some older shows that are still popular today even with reruns did not have good ratings when first on. So as I said just give a chance and listen to the people as what they are saying.
ampabst ampabst 9 years
I absolutely love October Road. It really is the only drama I watch on television anymore. The characters are so lovable and the cast that plays them is perfect. My favorite is Nick and his quest to find himself. Bryan Greenberg does a great job portraying this character and I can't wait to see more! There was way too much left hanging in the season finale, they have to answer the questions somehow, I really hope they consider bringing it back. They need to put it in a new time slot and advertise, I think more people would enjoy it and watch it!
imaroadie imaroadie 9 years
October Road is the best show on TV. I'm really upset that it is possibly not coming back next year, especially with all the storylines left hanging. If only ABC would promote it a bit, it would get a bigger audience. It was never promoted this year, even during the times it was pre-empted by other shows - a critical mistake during the year of the writers strike. How were people to know whether it was not airing for a couple of weeks or out of scripts??? This is such a great show. The relationship between all the guys is so refreshing and fun. So different from what we've been seeing in other shows. Please, ABC, give this show a real chance. Give the writers an opportunity to show us what they can really do. Bring this show back for a season 3!!!
ElliesOwner ElliesOwner 9 years
Men in Trees and October Road are two of my FAVORITE shows. It breaks my heart that they may not be returning. October Road has so many storylines to finish, this cannot be the end! We don't even know who is Sam's real father. And Janet and Eddie cannot be over!!
pargie pargie 9 years
Ok I meant ABC, and I apologize for all of my spelling/grammar errors...but I'm a little upset.
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